FireWire is your friend

Written by Jakob Jelling

FireWire is an external device used to transfer high amounts of data. This device was invented by Apple and is also known asrepparttar IEEE 1394 since it isrepparttar 138481 standard to which it belongs. This way, we could say that FireWire isrepparttar 138482 Apple version ofrepparttar 138483 IEEE 1394 andrepparttar 138484 most known one as well, in such a way that usually those terms are used as synonymous.

Although FireWire isrepparttar 138485 most usual denomination under which this device is known, there also are some other names sometimes given to it. Amongrepparttar 138486 other names by which FireWire might be referred to there is not onlyrepparttar 138487 IEEE 1394 but also High Performance Serial Bus. This way, any of these three denominations refer to this same device, and using any of them would be correct.

A FireWire can not only transmit data at a speed of a minimum of 400 megabits per second but also can be connected to more than 60 other devices. This way, a FireWire can manage a high amount of different tasks and complete them all very fast and efficiently. Amongrepparttar 138488 many different types of data it would be able to transmit, an example would be DV digital video, which is usually transmitted from camcorders into PCS or Macs withrepparttar 138489 help of a FireWire, a task which would not be able to be achieved without this help.

Do You Feel Used by Computers?

Written by Lee Walder

Do You Feel Used by Computers?

A look at second-user computer equipment.

Let's dispense withrepparttar myths first. I'm NOT talking aboutrepparttar 138480 sort of second-hand computers you get from some high street junk shops, orrepparttar 138481 sort you can buy from free ads newspapers. These arerepparttar 138482 types that get used computers a bad reputation since there are many dodgy deals to be had!

I'm talking about a different breed altogether,repparttar 138483 sort of used computers you'd be proud to own and feel safe buying because they have proper and lengthy warranties on each and every one of them and have been extensively tested and approved.

The criterion is quite strict. Sure, there are any number of companies out there who offer used computers at low prices. Very few offer 12-month warranties however and many of them disappear just as quickly as they arrived leaving you with a problem. All computers, no matter which category they fit in, or what you call them, should be high quality, guaranteed, fully working computers from a reputable supplier.

So, let's put allrepparttar 138484 computers into two categories, I'm going to call them 'used' and 'unused' computers.

1. Used Computers

Second-hand, second user and used computers are what you would expect in that they have had a previous owner. Many ofrepparttar 138485 computers have been returned torepparttar 138486 company from which they were bought inrepparttar 138487 first place. This is ideal asrepparttar 138488 company hasrepparttar 138489 appropriate expertise and spares already in place to correct any faults they find.

There are a number of reasons why computers are returned:

- businesses, colleges, individuals etc upgrade their computer equipment forrepparttar 138490 latest model

-repparttar 138491 equipment was leased over a set period andrepparttar 138492 lease expires (sorepparttar 138493 equipment is returned)

-repparttar 138494 computer gets a fault that can't be fixed quickly so it is swapped permanently out for a new one

-repparttar 138495 customer changes their mind just after purchasing

As you can appreciate, 'used computer' can mean anything from 'barely used' to 'a couple of years old'. However, once returnedrepparttar 138496 computers go through a rigorous check procedure, have their hard disks cleared or changed, have new keyboards, mice and cables if worn and new cases if they have noticeable damage. If there are any faulty components, such as sound card, video card, floppy drive etc, these are always replaced. These computers are often referred to as ex-lease, open-box, returns, refurbished, reclaimed, remanufactured, rebuilt, recycled, recertified or reconditioned computers. Phew!

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