Finding an EMR System that can Handle Medical Transcription SOAP Notes

Written by Joe Miller

Searching forrepparttar Right EMR Solution

The electronic medical record, or EMR, is a standard electronic database solution used by medical practices and medical service providers. The EMR solution technology effectively manages medical histories, records, and notes; however, all EMR solutions are not created equal. Before adopting an EMR solution, medical practices and medical service providers must search forrepparttar 150973 EMR solution that meets their specific needs. Two important needs common to most medical practices and medical service providers include medical transcription and SOAP note management.

Sifting through EMR Software

The best way to find what you’re looking for is to “begin withrepparttar 150974 end in mind,” as Steven R. Covey says. Companies may have a small staff, or they may still be using a transcription machine. A practice may need more security, more automation, and better control of SOAP notes or other medical transcription information. In order to find what you need, you need to list them out. The list may look similar to this:

Medical Transcription and SOAP Note Management

Document Scanning Attachments

Customized Data Fields

Medicare or Medicaid Billing Software

Procedure Code (HCFA 1500 forms, CPT code books, ICD.9 codes)

Medical Billing Software

Medical Billing Specialist Support

Diagnosis Code Directory

The Distribution of Global Capital: 3 billion people lives on $2/day

Written by Ofer Shoshani

Copyright 2005 Ofer Shoshani

This weekrepparttar Live 8 mega-event turned our attention torepparttar 150942 problem of poverty. We learned that a child dies from it every three seconds. While we wait forrepparttar 150943 world to finally do something in order to saverepparttar 150944 African kids, we should look closely atrepparttar 150945 statistics andrepparttar 150946 true extent of international poverty.

The distribution of Global Capital

Halfrepparttar 150947 world, nearly three billion people, lives on less than two dollars a day. 1.3 billion people live on $1/day. The Gross Domestic Product ofrepparttar 150948 48 poorest nations, i.e. a quarter ofrepparttar 150949 world’s countries, is less thanrepparttar 150950 wealth ofrepparttar 150951 world’s three richest people combined. The 48 poorest countries account for less than 0.4 per cent of global exports.

The richest 50 million people in Europe and North America haverepparttar 150952 same income as 2.7 billion poor People. The combined wealth ofrepparttar 150953 world’s 200 richest people hit $1 trillion in 1999;repparttar 150954 combined income ofrepparttar 150955 582 million people living inrepparttar 150956 43 least developed countries is $146 billion.

The current LIVE 8 campaign is trying to eliminaterepparttar 150957 debt catastrophe:repparttar 150958 developing world spends $13 on debt repayment for every $1 they have received in aid. The poorerrepparttar 150959 country,repparttar 150960 more likely it is that debt repayments are extracted directly from people who neither contractedrepparttar 150961 loans nor received any ofrepparttar 150962 money. As a result ofrepparttar 150963 debt catastrophe, millions of children have died each year because their government couldn’t reduce poverty levels.

For example,repparttar 150964 lives of 1.7 million children have been needlessly lost in year 2000 because world governments have failed to reduce poverty levels

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