Finding adventure in little things

Written by David Leonhardt

We recently planted our saskatoon berry trees. I am sure those of you who live in Saskatchewan know exactly what I am talking about. Forrepparttar 99.99999% of Internet readers who have never even heard of Saskatchewan, let alone of saskatoon berries, allow me to explain.

Saskatoon isrepparttar 116321 name of one ofrepparttar 116322 two big cities in Saskatchewan. In this case, "big" is a relative word. But Saskatoon is big enough to have a food named after it, which puts it inrepparttar 116323 same league as Hamburg (hamburgers), France (French fries) and Iceland (ice).

Saskatchewan is a small Canadian province. Small in that its population can comfortably fit ontorepparttar 116324 deck of a luxury cruise liner ... except who would want to do that inrepparttar 116325 middle ofrepparttar 116326 bone-dry Canadian prairies? In land area, Saskatchewan is actually almost as big as Texas, although most of their hats are well short of ten-gallons.

That leaves plenty of room for trees to grow. But Saskatchewan is not known for trees. It is known for its prairies. In fact, there are jokes about Saskatchewan and trees.

"How many people does it take to plant a tree in Saskatchewan?" "Are you kidding? Even God couldn't do that?"

"What do you call a tree in Saskatchewan?" "Wishful thinking."

"If you run offrepparttar 116327 road in northern Saskatchewan, would you hit a tree?" "No,repparttar 116328 tree is inrepparttar 116329 south."

Which brings us torepparttar 116330 saskatoon berry trees we just planted. Apparently, trees DO grow in Saskatchewan. Well, almost. I readrepparttar 116331 seed package. "Grows three to 12 feet high." A three-foot tall tree? Can you really call that a tree? What if I mow right over it?

So before even planting them,repparttar 116332 saskatoon berry trees were proving to be an adventure. We were planting seeds for a tree too small to be a tree from a place that supposedly does not grow trees. But adventure is fun.

Your Child's Goldfish ~ easy, inexpensive care ~

Written by Stephanie Olsen

Goldfish are popular starter pets for children and a good parental choice when it comes to budget and time considerations, although you should take note that goldfish can grow to be anywhere from 6 to 12 inches and may live for as long as 10 years.

Getting Ready

The day before you take your child torepparttar pet shop, fill clean buckets with 10 gallons (that's 16 quarts or nearly 40 liters) of water so that it has 24 to 48 hours in which to allow chlorine, lead and any other toxins to evaporate and in order thatrepparttar 116320 water is room temperature. Goldfish can survive in a wide range of temperatures, from above 50 to below 80 degrees Fahrenheit (that's 10 and 27 degrees Celsius respectively). It'srepparttar 116321 sudden change in temperature that kills them. Add about 2 teaspoons per gallon of uniodized table salt (the big crystals, notrepparttar 116322 fine stuff from your saltshaker).

What to look for

Remember to look for a lively fish when choosing, and to stay away from tanks with any obviously sick fish in them. Ifrepparttar 116323 owner catchesrepparttar 116324 fish without a net, either by scooping or using his hand, that's a sign that you're dealing with a professional. Fish have a slimy protective coat (that's why they feel so slippery in your grasp) and using a net can cause damage to this surface.

The Aquarium

If you've got a spare 10 - 20 gallon size aquarium at home, that's great. If not, any similar size waterproof container will do as long as it's got enough surface room forrepparttar 116325 fish to breathe. Standard glass fishbowls are inappropriate as they are obviously too small; furthermore, they do not provide enough oxygen: every inch of fish (head and body measure) needs 20 square inches of surface (multiplyingrepparttar 116326 length and width of your container will give yourepparttar 116327 area, so a 12" x 8" rectangular tank has a total surface area of 96 sq in., enough for a fish four inches in head/body length).

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