Finding Your True Self

Written by Francoise Rapp

Creatingrepparttar serene life you desire is entirely possible. The secret is in knowing that you yourself holdrepparttar 131383 key to this achievement. Only you haverepparttar 131384 ability to build your future. It's not unusual to turn to others to fulfill your needs and wants. Yet unless you realize that you arerepparttar 131385 one most likely to fulfill your needs, you will never be satisfied with what others provide.

It is important to detach yourself from a false sense of self. This "mask" is merely a fašade we use in order to feel safe, but it does not reveal who we truly are. In order to live a life of pure joy that is filled with healthy relationships, a strong career, and whatever other attainable goals you desire, it is vital to dive withinrepparttar 131386 deepest layers of your soul and look atrepparttar 131387 beautiful gift you are.

Many people are highly intimidated byrepparttar 131388 thought of becoming attuned with their emotions. Butrepparttar 131389 only person you will ever meet there is you. Feel who you are, be comfortable with yourself, acknowledge and love every aspect of your true nature - even if you meet anger, jealousy, fear, etc. Nourish your heart throughrepparttar 131390 use of aromatic oil, meditation, yoga or journaling.

Once you discover your true self, accept and appreciate allrepparttar 131391 facets of your soul. You will radiate pure beauty, confidence, strength and love. Then you will have builtrepparttar 131392 right foundations of a truly joyful future.

The following aromatic blends will support you in your journey of self-discovery. To prepare each blend, pourrepparttar 131393 essential oils into a 10-ml bottle and then add organic vegetable oil to fill. I suggest you journal and read about personal growth in concurrence with using these aromatic blends. "The Path Toward Happiness," byrepparttar 131394 Dalai Lama & Howard C. Cutler is a good book to accompany this journey. ******** Developing Introspection ******** This aromatic blend helps to clarify inner and self-understanding. After using this blend on a regular basis, you will be able to determine more consciously what your daily needs and wants are.

Changing Your Partner

Written by Rinatta Paries

Relationships are never perfect, and rarely do perfect partners come together. At some point in every relationship, partners want to change something about each other.

The following are three schools of thought on changing another's behavior and an alternative to each one. You will findrepparttar alternatives more useful, easier to implement and more effective.

School of Thought I: -------------------- You may never change another, nor may you request change. Seeking change in another is avoiding changing yourself. Your partner is showing you something you don't like in yourself. The change must happen within you. You must strive to become such thatrepparttar 131382 other's behavior no longer bothers you.

The Alternative: ---------------- Look at yourself first. If you still find yourself needing to make a request, do it. This will give yourepparttar 131383 opportunity to practicerepparttar 131384 vital skills of asking for what you want and negotiating.

However, do be aware - making an effective request is definitely a skill. To learn this skill, please read next week's newsletter.

School of Thought II: --------------------- You must demand change fromrepparttar 131385 other because if he/she loved you enough surely there would be change. He/she is bad and wrong inrepparttar 131386 first place for doingrepparttar 131387 thing that upsets you. He/she is bad and wrong again for not changing without you having to say anything. He/she is very wrong for balking atrepparttar 131388 change once you demand it.

The Alternative: ---------------- People do what they do and say what they say not because of you but because of how they relate to others. This means if your partner is doing something to upset you or bug you, he/she is not doing it to you, just doing it. Moreover, people cannot read minds. If you do not communicate effectively when something is bothering you, you cannot expect change.

You should also know that when you demand, you are not likely to get what you want. And your partner definitely hasrepparttar 131389 right to say no.

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