Finding Your Dream Car

Written by Staff

Thinking about buying a used car? How do you know which car is right for you? Itís all in askingrepparttar right questions.

First, ask yourself what you really need in a car. Who will be driving it most ofrepparttar 134900 time? Where will you be driving in? Over what sort of terrain? Do you need a lot of storage space and lots of seating? Are you going to be traveling back and forth over long distances?

What features are an absolute must? Air conditioning, adjustable controls, cruise control?

What safety features you are looking for? Anti-lock brake systems, head injury protection, or child protection equipment?

How much are you willing to spend?

What kind of down payment can you make?

Realistically, what can you afford to pay monthly?

Itís important to know this amount before you even start looking. Then do your research. Check websites, dealerships, and Consumer Reports magazine. Look for reliability and repair ratings as well as safety advice. The website offers pricing information and advice on buying a used car.

Go exploring for that perfect car. Gather as much info as you can onrepparttar 134901 different makes and models. Check outrepparttar 134902 retail value, available options, performance, and track record for repairs.

Car marketing

Written by Ankesh Kothari

Years ago, some one inrepparttar car industry had a stroke of genius. They came up with an idea of engraving their name on each and every car that comes out of their factories. This small idea has generated free publicity worth millions of dollars for these car companies overrepparttar 102796 years.

M.K. tried to adaptrepparttar 102797 car companyísí idea for his business. M.K. was a general contractor. He used to go to houses and fix them up. He could handle everything from fixing tables to installing electrical lines to plumbing work. M.K. thought why should he advertise General motors instead of his own company? So he bought a customized magnetic sign for $45.95 and stuck it on his truck.

Whenever he went to a house to work on it, he made it a point to parkrepparttar 102798 car onrepparttar 102799 street instead ofrepparttar 102800 highway. Many cars passing by would slow down and people would jot down M.K.ís number fromrepparttar 102801 magnetic sign. The 46-dollar sign generated so much business for M.K. that he stopped buying ads in yellow pages and local newspapers saving him hundreds of dollars a year.

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