Finding Medical Equipment

Written by Anthony Meijers

Finding Medical Equipment

Sourcing medical equipment is an important task for people such as physicians, doctors and organizations such as refurbishers, manufacturers, dealers and leasing companies.

Some websites specializing in locating medical equipment, both new and used, will carry catalogs... both online and physical catalogs. Subscribing to several catalogs will enable you to locaterepparttar precise medical equipment you're looking for as well as give you a comparison onrepparttar 149024 prices forrepparttar 149025 items, shipping costs and delivery times.... all of which can vary tremendously.

You can find medical equipment supply sites fromrepparttar 149026 big directories such as Yahoo and DMOZ as well as from searching directly at Google forrepparttar 149027 precise item you're looking for.

Combat high blood pressure and cholesterol with soybeans

Written by Nicholas Webb

You may have heard ofrepparttar “Portfolio Diet” wherein it has been clinically accepted that increasingrepparttar 149023 intake of soy based foods can reduce levels of LDL cholesterol as much as some statin drugs.

Well, now it seems that soybeans have another health-giving quality: they also reduce blood pressure.

This latest finding is making quite a bit of noise in medical circles and not without reason. Can you imagine how hardrepparttar 149024 two largest drug markets (cholesterol and blood pressure) would be hit ifrepparttar 149025 American Heart Association orrepparttar 149026 American College of Cardiology released a statement saying that soybeans can reduce bad cholesterol and control blood pressure? Just think about it. But that’s where it will stop; in your thoughts. With allrepparttar 149027 lobbying power ofrepparttar 149028 giant pharmaceutical industry, I seriously doubt that such a statement from an internationally recognized source will ever be released.

However, to date more than 40 clinical trials have clearly shown that soya protein can reduce cholesterol in men and women. The effective dose of soy protein per day appears to range between 25 and 50 grams. Now initial studies show that it is also useful in fighting high blood pressure.

Soybean protein lowers blood pressure

In a report fromrepparttar 149029 Annals of Internal Medicine (July 2005), it seems that use of soybean protein dietary supplements may help reduce high blood pressure.

Soybean products have been commonplace in Asian diets for centuries, and soybeans, as well as its derivative products have long been available in our local health stores and supermarkets. Research has shown that food items like tofu and soymilk can reduce cholesterol levels and lower risks for cancer, heart disease and osteoporosis. If we addrepparttar 149030 ability to fight high blood pressure torepparttar 149031 list of illness and diseases that soy foods are able to combat, then we might just have a super disease killer on our hands.

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