Finding Lake Trout

Written by Cameron Larsen

Lake fishing with a fly can seem daunting torepparttar newcomer. Even a seasoned river fly fisher can become disillusioned with lake fly fishing, and give it up before really giving it a chance. In this article we will be examining where to find fish in lakes.

First off lake fish and river fish haverepparttar 140938 same needs. They need to feel secure, and they need to eat. The greatest difficulty in figuring out where lake fish might meet these needs is that from aboverepparttar 140939 lakerepparttar 140940 water doesn't give us many clues, and sometimes none at all. Rivers are nice enough to change surface appearance, which is probablyrepparttar 140941 single greatest factor in determining likely fishing spots, but lakes do not give us that, or at least not as easily.

Inlets and Outlets

Luckily though one ofrepparttar 140942 best places to find fish is where one can easily seerepparttar 140943 difference in surface water. And that isrepparttar 140944 inlet of a lake. Fish often lie inrepparttar 140945 inlet current, enjoyingrepparttar 140946 cooler well oxygenated water. And alsorepparttar 140947 food that comes with it. Forrepparttar 140948 new lake fly fisher,repparttar 140949 current also provides a familiar fishing ally.

Likewise outlets are often good fish holding areas. Outlets generally are full of insects and wary fish. Generally shallower and offering less cover fish in these areas are usually skittish. If one is lucky to be fishing a lake with a deep outlet, that area is likely to offer great fishing time and time again.


Virtually all lakes have channels at least part way through them. Manmade lakes will haverepparttar 140950 old river channel throughrepparttar 140951 entire length ofrepparttar 140952 lake. Channels can be hard to locate, often one can spot them only in calm late fall days, whenrepparttar 140953 lake is at its lowest level ofrepparttar 140954 year. Large well fished lakes will often have maps available that will showrepparttar 140955 channel.

Channels will offer their best fishing late summer, when fish seek cooler water, nymphs will also congregate there, giving fish a ready food source.

Running Wild: The 2005 Rookie Running Back Class

Written by Jason Clarke

Running Wild: The 2005 Rookie Running Back Class

Now thatrepparttar dust has settled fromrepparttar 140937 latest NFL draft, it’s time to take a step back and take a look at which players out ofrepparttar 140938 2005 rookie class may makerepparttar 140939 biggest fantasy impact. Rookies, on average, fail to make that big of a splash in their first year. Historically, most players tend to need time to develop and learn before they are big playmakers inrepparttar 140940 NFL and key contributors in a fantasy league. Makingrepparttar 140941 jump fromrepparttar 140942 college game torepparttar 140943 pros can be an adjustment that takes some players a year or two to get used to physically and mentally.

One position that usually bucksrepparttar 140944 trend of players having a longer adjustment torepparttar 140945 game and being productive players fromrepparttar 140946 get go is running back. A few reasons exist forrepparttar 140947 immediate production you may get out of a rookie running back as opposed to a wide receiver or a quarterback.

One reason is that teams usually draft a running back because there is an immediate need atrepparttar 140948 position. Teams rarely draft a running back as experimental or development player. A few scenarios createrepparttar 140949 need to draft a running back such as when a veteran who is approachingrepparttar 140950 downside of his career, an existing player suffers a serious injury or when a star player blatantly abandons his team…cough, Ricky, cough. These situations almost force a team to find a talented replacement quickly who can step in on day one and carryrepparttar 140951 load ofrepparttar 140952 team.

Another reason why rookie running backs produce quicker than other positions isrepparttar 140953 fact that running backs haverepparttar 140954 shortest career span of any position inrepparttar 140955 NFL. An average running back will play under four years inrepparttar 140956 NFL before hanging up their cleats. Teams expect them to come in, make an immediate impact and getrepparttar 140957 most out of them while they are still physically able to produce. The players at this position take such a beating that you generally want a young, physical specimen to carryrepparttar 140958 load instead of a grizzled veteran who may only have a limited number of carries left in his legs.

A small learning curve is yet another reason why a rookie running back can step in on day one and give you a thousand-yard season right away. Other than blocking assignments and short pass patterns, most of a running backs work is instinctive. The best backs inrepparttar 140959 NFL create onrepparttar 140960 fly and have a talent and instincts that cannot be taught inrepparttar 140961 classroom. Other positions such as receiver or quarterback must spend a good deal of their time onrepparttar 140962 practice field and inrepparttar 140963 film room learning complicated schemes and techniques that will help them become a complete pro and future fantasy stud.

If you look at some ofrepparttar 140964 bigger names in fantasy football today and take a peek at their rookie production you’ll see that they many of them were very productive in their first seasons

(Fantasy Points based on 1 pt. Per 10 yds and 6 pts. Per TD) Rookie Yr.PlayerTeamRu. YardsTDsFantasy Pts 2004Kevin JonesDetroit1,1335143.3 2003Domanick DavisHouston1,0318151.1 2002Clinton PortisDenver1,50815240.8 2001LaDainian TomlinsonSan Diego1,23610183.6 2000Jamal LewisBaltimore1,3646172.4 1999Edgerrin JamesIndianapolis1,55313233.3 1998Fred TaylorJacksonville1,22314206.3 1997Corey DillonCincinnati1,12910172.9 1995Curtis MartinNew England1,48714232.7 1994Marshall FaulkIndianapolis1,28211194.2 1993Jerome BettisL.A Rams1,4298190.9 . It didn’t take long for these players to makerepparttar 140965 transition torepparttar 140966 pro game and become significant fantasy producers in their rookie season. There were other rookie running backs that had some pretty good rookie years but faded off intorepparttar 140967 sunset, but we’re not worried about that right now. We are in search of immediate production!

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