Finding Inspiration to Realise Your Dreams and Ambitions

Written by Pamela Heywood

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, butrepparttar really great make you feel that you, too, can become great." Mark Twain

Anyone learning to do business online (it is a constant learning curve), will, I hope, find something of benefit here. At my business site,, you'll find allrepparttar 124073 typical resources, but what ofrepparttar 124074 more important and fundamental "tools" you need to get this show onrepparttar 124075 road?

Important, such as?

Oh, just little things like attitude, finding inspiration, nurturing your creativity, tenacity ... Simply, learningrepparttar 124076 secrets to realising your dreams and achievingrepparttar 124077 success you desire, without going completely nuts inrepparttar 124078 process.

You do have to findrepparttar 124079 inspiration, motivation and sheer discipline to work long hours, initially for very little return and without someone supervising you. But, if you can dream it (I am a real day-dreamer!), you CAN make it reality. I used to doubt that, but I have found it to be entirely true. I think you just have to want something enough then do something about it.

Wanting more is normal?

Whyrepparttar 124080 question mark? Doesn't everyone want something better? Can they all have it? If we all got more, who would be left with less? (Normal, I can tell you, is just a setting on a washing- machine!)

Are there people who are as happy as pigs inrepparttar 124081 proverbial punching in atrepparttar 124082 factory 5 days a week, watching football at weekends, going to bed at 11 p.m. and not wanting more than that? Personally, I think not. There may be some who have not realised yet what their "more" is and there are lots who are afraid to try anything new, but I think deep down, we all want something we don't have.

It isn't always material things, but whatever it is, it is what keeps us striving. And because everyone's "more" will be as unique asrepparttar 124083 person themselves, then yes, I do believe that we can all have it: i.e. it is worth pursuing your ambitions, no matter how abnormal they may appear.

You'll face problems, overcoming them isrepparttar 124084 key

Yeah, that was obvious, wasn't it? You don't need problems, you need solutions and what you may forget is that most of them you already have -- right there in your own mind and attitudes. No, I'm not saying you have an "attitude problem", although I'll admit I've been told I have, many times!

Amongrepparttar 124085 problems I have faced, and I imagine you have or will too, initially stem from needing to take what is virtually a "Leap of Faith" into unknown territory. I have done that to a foreign country and survived (not necessarily with my sanity intact, but alive enough to tellrepparttar 124086 tale).

If you announce your intentions work for yourself, especially onrepparttar 124087 net, I'll bet you last year's salary that someone in your immediate circle of family and friends will take a sharp intake of breath ... if they don't actually belly-laugh. Now if that isn't inspiration destroying, I don't know what is!

First Impressions turn fear into courage

Written by Peter Murphy

The top business people all sayrepparttar same thing first impressions count. Sounds easy, and it is easy for those few who can start a conversation with just about anyone but how many people do you know who are like that?

Onrepparttar 124072 other hand when youre shy its easy to avoid other people, shyness automatically comes with a PhD in how to creatively avoid people, especially strangers! However this tendency can prove detrimental to your business especially when you consider that your ultimate success can depend on approaching people and making a great first impression.

There is a better way; it is possible to use your mind in a simple yet powerful way that will make it easy for you to make a fantastic first impression. It involves applying peak performance principles in a special way.

Heres what I do when Im at a conference and I spot someone I know that I ought to say Hello to although my initial tendency is to just avoid them and hope that they dont see me.

First of all, feel yourself standing tall, just pretend that you feel dynamic, powerful and enthusiastic and take on that posture. Breathe deeply, chest out, and smile so wide that you can feelrepparttar 124073 stretch in your cheeks. Even if you make believe you will still tend to come across far better with whoever you approach.

Then, as you approach him or her, hear yourself saying HI or HELLO inside your head. The key is to makerepparttar 124074 sound very, very loud inside your head, really exaggerate it to impress your mind with your intention.

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