Finding HOT, Non-Internet Marketing Topics For Your eBooks

Written by Jeff Smith

It's so tempting to write ebooks yet again, on "How To Make Money onrepparttar Internet" isn't it?

You seerepparttar 108389 thousands of books pitchingrepparttar 108390 next big tip, technique or strategy for making money online.

You get a flood of email from guru's who have made it big inrepparttar 108391 world of internet marketing products, writing ebooks on that topic. Or have they really made it big?

OK, They Are Going To Lynch Me For Saying This!

Could it be that these gurus HAVE to be highly visible, run seminar after seminar and stay in your face to be able to LIVE marketing to this niche?

Honestly, I know many ofrepparttar 108392 best online marketing professionals out there - and they are far from living like Donald Trump.

Yes, they make take a vacation - but rest assured, at least part of it is a working vacation.

It's true,repparttar 108393 internet marketing niche market is quite a responsive one, but there are BIG problems...

First and foremost, it's quite small,

The keyword selection is quite tiny, and...

It is one ofrepparttar 108394 most competitive markets out there

So what am I trying to say?

Make Life Easier For Yourself, Pick Another Niche!

Let me try and make my point. Let's comparerepparttar 108395 searches for few keywords I came across this last week usingrepparttar 108396 incredible Adword Analyzer Tool --->

These are monthly searches, followed byrepparttar 108397 number of sites that already offer products to this niche and repparttar 108398 top bid on Overture Pay-per-click (a definite indicator of competitiveness):

Internet Marketing: 115,903 - 11,600,000 - $3.51/click

Marketing Online: 23,157 - 11,400,000 - $6.02/click

Dog Name: 221,290 - 1,950,000 - .10/click

Wood Working: 74,382 - 4,840,000 - .54/click

Storage Shed: 55,252 - 689,000 - .62/click

If this doesn't make you run away from targetingrepparttar 108399 internet marketing niche - nothing will!

Let's say you focus on writing a special report, book or membership site focused on naming dogs - including other dog-related information.

I Created My First Ebook...So Can You For Fre*e!

Written by Krystine Lewis

Copyright 2004 Krystine Lewis I can't believe I've just finished creating my very first Ebook. I feel like an Author, a Writer, and incredibly successful all in one. If you've been toying withrepparttar idea of wanting to make your own Ebook, but don't know where to start, perhaps I can help! Several months ago I woke up one morning with a really good idea for a neat niche market that really hadn't been tapped into onrepparttar 108388 net. (I haverepparttar 108389 best ideas early inrepparttar 108390 am.) I researched my idea for awhile and decided to write an article. I have always wanted to write a book, so after researching this area as well, low and behold I came across a website that offerred a way to create your own Ebook in PDF format for Fre.e! I was stunned and thought I would give it at try. (I'll give you my resource atrepparttar 108391 end of my article.) I followed allrepparttar 108392 easy steps and before I knew it, my Ebook was created. It took me only a few days to write my article and to get it set up in

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