Finding Fun Date Ideas

Written by Alan Detwiler

Need an idea for what to do on a date? Here's how to go about finding ideas for new and unusual dates that are enjoyable and memorable.

The three most usual choices for what to do on a date are dinner, a movie, and a public event such as a sports game or concert. Those activities often giverepparttar couple several hours of time to enjoy each other's company. But relying on those same activities too often, leads to a loss ofrepparttar 125378 sense of drama and a loss of a sense of importance ofrepparttar 125379 time spent together.

Human nature cravesrepparttar 125380 out-of-the-ordinary. A new experience raises awareness and pumps up our interest level. If a couple continues to occasionally find new and unusual choices for what to do, their time together will be more enjoyable.

Probablyrepparttar 125381 best way to find new ideas for what to do for a date is to make a point of being onrepparttar 125382 lookout for possibilities. You might see something inrepparttar 125383 newspaper or in a magazine. Someone you know could share an idea they have had. You never know when an idea will present itself.

You should also actively search for new and unusual things to do. A great place to look for ideas is web sites about things you are interested in. Use Google or your favorite search engine. Key in words or phrases that describerepparttar 125384 activities and events that you find interesting and enjoyable. Look throughrepparttar 125385 list of web sites found withrepparttar 125386 search. Browserepparttar 125387 sites that seem most promising. The local visitors' bureau is a possible source of ideas. They will likely have many brochures about local attractions. Look inrepparttar 125388 community events section of your newspaper. Check outrepparttar 125389 listings with you county, city or community center. Look throughrepparttar 125390 brochures atrepparttar 125391 Chamber of Commerce. Look inrepparttar 125392 yellow pages under headings such as canoes, rafting, kayaking, hiking, photography classes, and art museums. Checkrepparttar 125393 bulletin board atrepparttar 125394 library. Use your imagination to adapt what you see at those places to suit your own interests and tastes. Once you have identified a particular interest, go to shops that sell equipment for that activity. Ask about events and programs in your locality.

Defining Your Goals

Written by Scott Hansgen

Have you ever written down your musical goals? It's really a great idea. Actually, I think it is a MUST. Without goals, we have no destination. Without a destination how can you figure out what you need to do to get there? You simply can't. The problem is, those of us that do have goals in mind usually have undefined ideas rather than true, specific goals.

Your goals should be very specific such as, "I want to sell 5,000 cd's inrepparttar next 12 months" rather than, "I want to sell a lot of cd's". The former gives you an absolute bullseye to shoot for whererepparttar 125377 latter is more of a shot inrepparttar 125378 dark.

Another problem with goals is they are unrealistic. We setrepparttar 125379 bar so high andrepparttar 125380 timeline so short that we can't possibly meet it and then get disappointed in ourselves because we feel we failed. It's difficult to keep our thought process positive if we fail to meet our own expectations. Instead, set goals that are reachable within in a realistic time frame. Something like, "I want to increase my web site unique visitors by 25 this month". That is very realistic and reachable.

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