Finding Boating Items Online is Quick and Easy.

Written by Got-Content - Andrew Constantine interviews Alex James aboutrepparttar informational website he has created aroundrepparttar 116204 topic of inflatable boats and kayaks online.

Alex is an average guy that has a small business in ‘small town U.S.A.’ . When looking to create his first informational site, a hobby of his was chosen to buildrepparttar 116205 website around.  “Alex, what inspired you to build a site about boats and kayaks?”

Alex:  “Mainly it’s a hobby of mine to take off for a few hours onrepparttar 116206 weekend and hitrepparttar 116207 water with my inflatable kayak. I have a Sea Eagle 380x and spend as much time as I can onrepparttar 116208 water, fishing or just paddlingrepparttar 116209 waters of a small pond that I stumble upon. The great thing about inflatable boats and kayaks is that you can throw them inrepparttar 116210 car or truck, find an out-of-the-way water spot that you might have to hike a ways to, then simply blow up your boat and go!”  “Sounds fun! I know I have seen these small boats onrepparttar 116211 water, but how sturdy are they… after all, they remind me of a pool raft.”

Alex:  “It’s funnyrepparttar 116212 look I get when I take a friend out on my kayak. They don’t realize that these are serious boats and are equally as capable of takingrepparttar 116213 weight and punishment of other small boats of similar size made of aluminum or wood. – Think ofrepparttar 116214 Marines inflatable watercraft – These boats are designed with similar strategies and safety features, just downsized and lightened up a bit for consumers.”  “Where did you find your kayak?”

Alex: “That’s a funny story – I was looking inrepparttar 116215 sporting goods stores and boat marinas. What I found was either too cheap and flimsy or outrageously priced. – I got discouraged and searched online for a store that might be local to me – What I found was incredible! A couple of quality inflatable boat manufacturers that primarily sell their products from hunting and fishing catalogs by mail order had ventured online and I foundrepparttar 116216 exact type and style I wanted – I even bought it direct throughrepparttar 116217 manufacturer!”

Do You Know What a Didgeridoo is?

Written by Jesse S. Somer

Do you know what a didgeridoo is? There are so many things in this life that are unknown to us. I bet you could find out about something outside your normal sphere of vision and experience everyday forrepparttar rest of your life and still not get close to knowing about everything out there. Not to mentionrepparttar 116203 number of things we don’t know about our own internal selves-physical, emotional, spiritual and mental realities that are still unaware to us. That’s another story however, let’s stick torepparttar 116204 external in this article.

I playrepparttar 116205 didgeridoo. It’s a sacred Australian Aborigine instrument, arguably one ofrepparttar 116206 oldest instruments in humankind’s long history. If you type didgeridoo into your search engine you will see hundreds of sites about this thing that you’ve never even heard of. You don’t know how many people I’ve mentioned it to aroundrepparttar 116207 world that never have even heardrepparttar 116208 word. One site I found to be quite thorough and useful was:

This retail site explains in detail how a didgeridoo is made (it is a termite-hollowed branch or tree trunk), how to chooserepparttar 116209 right one for you, and of course instruction on how to play. It explains how to recognize a quality piece and they say that they can even custom make one to your desires. Each didj has a key or root note, and they can be made of several types of wood, some better than others. Placed onrepparttar 116210 mouthpiece is bee’s wax which makes for an airtight seal againstrepparttar 116211 face as well as protecting one’s mouth from getting cut by sharp edges.

To give you an idea ofrepparttar 116212 incredible feat it was forrepparttar 116213 first Aborigines to make this music 40-60,000 years ago I’ll give you a perspective on how it is played. You place your mouth inrepparttar 116214 whole atrepparttar 116215 top ofrepparttar 116216 hollowed wood uponrepparttar 116217 bees wax coating. Then you vibrate your lips againstrepparttar 116218 edge ofrepparttar 116219 wood, filling your cheeks with air atrepparttar 116220 same time to keeprepparttar 116221 sound constant. The sound never stops and this is because you circular breathe-in throughrepparttar 116222 nose and out through your mouth atrepparttar 116223 same time. Sounds difficult, and it is for some like myself, it took me 9 months to get my mind around it. A friend of mine however did it in a couple of days, and babies breathe this way naturally! Pretty cool.

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