Finding A Romantic Gift For Her

Written by Marguerite Bonneville

Let's face it. In many ways women are easy to buy for. Most of us loverepparttar traditional romantic gifts including:

Chocolates Flowers Jewelry Lingerie Perfume Candles Soft Toys Clothes

But onrepparttar 126089 other hand we're difficult to buy for. We know what we like, and we don't want to settle for less. We pay attention to little things, so we appreciate it when you give us a gift in our favorite color, or one that has special meaning.

We love romantic gestures, like poetry, love letters and romantic music. Men often consider us gullible when they see us being 'taken in' by another man's soft words and candlelight dinners. The truth is, we often know when we're being played, but we can't help responding torepparttar 126090 gesture. We'd like it to be sincere so we convince ourselves that it is. And occasionally,repparttar 126091 manipulative male becomes a victim of his own techniques and falls forrepparttar 126092 woman he set out to victimize.

But falling for romantic gestures isn't a sign of weakness. A woman can muster huge wells of strength and resourcefulness whenrepparttar 126093 situation calls for it. Some women get addicted to this power and let go ofrepparttar 126094 so-called feminine side of their natures. Others realize that you can have both.

So what it's really about is knowingrepparttar 126095 woman that you're buying for. You know you're in trouble when you make generalizations like, "Women love flowers" or "I'm sure she'd like a box of chocolates for her birthday". She may prefer some clay for her sculptures or some new gardening tools. Romance is more aboutrepparttar 126096 care that went into choosingrepparttar 126097 gift rather thanrepparttar 126098 gift itself.

The Romance Of Highly Scented Candles

Written by Marguerite Bonneville

Beforerepparttar discovery and widespread use of electricity, candles and firelight wererepparttar 126088 only instruments humans could rely on to navigate after dark. But inrepparttar 126089 21st century, they are two ofrepparttar 126090 most effective stimuli for creating a romantic mood. And if you use a highly scented candle, you'll create an even more effective sensual experience.

Candles affect us on a number of different levels:

1. Gazing at a flame is a mesmerizing experience and relaxes bothrepparttar 126091 eyes andrepparttar 126092 mind.

2. Because a candle throws light on a relatively small area, it creates a sense of intimacy amongrepparttar 126093 people basking in its glow.

3. On an emotional level, a candle induces a sense of warmth, even though it emits very little heat.

4. A candle can also capturerepparttar 126094 eye throughrepparttar 126095 beauty of its color and design, which are enhanced byrepparttar 126096 flickering flame.

5. A highly scented candle adds more pleasure torepparttar 126097 mix by stimulatingrepparttar 126098 olfactory senses.

You can use highly scented candles to create a romantic atmosphere during intimate evenings at home, or you can give them to special people in your life as gifts. There are so many varieties of candles now available inrepparttar 126099 marketplace that you're sure to find one to suit every taste. Candle Uses:

1. Aromatherapy

The study of how scent affectsrepparttar 126100 central nervous system is centuries old. Modern day aromatherapists can evaluate a client's situation and prescribe a remedy in one short consultation. Highly scented candles can be used inrepparttar 126101 same way as essential oils to change a person's frame of mind in a calm and non-threatening way.

Here are some uses for highly scented or aromatherapy candles:

a. To help a person feel calm, give them a candle scented with chamomile. b. A lavender candle will induce a feeling of serenity. c. To help someone with flagging energy, give him or her a sandalwood candle. d. To help restore a person's spirit, give a candle scented with ocean breeze.

2. Relaxation

a. Candles are often used in meditation, and suitable types include chakra candles and Feng Shui candles. b. Meditators often use an aromatherapy burner fueled by tealights or votive candles. c. Give highly scented candles to someone who enjoys taking baths by candlelight.

3. Color Therapy

a. Choose soft colors or light and neutral shades for people who love to relax. b. Give strong colored candles to people who love to celebrate.

4. Celebration

a. Candles are regularly used in ceremonies such as christenings, birthdays, weddings and funerals.

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