Finding A Free Host - Part 1: Requirements for your host

Written by Elan Bechor

Finding A Free Host

Part I: Meeting Your Needs


People onrepparttar internet are greedy. They want some ultimate free host, with ďunlimitedĒ storage, ďunlimitedĒ bandwidth, and no ads. That will never happen, unless it is some private host that only allows a few users. I hate seeing this greed. Why should a host give you so much, and you donít even let them make money? Itís a ridiculous idea. You have to make realistic goals on what your host might be able to provide you.

The point ofrepparttar 134433 article is to help you determinerepparttar 134434 specific requirements forrepparttar 134435 free host you want to pick.

Storage & Bandwidth

To determine how much storage and bandwidth you need for your website, you need to think about what kind of files you may be storing. The majority of people who donít have anything but HTML and image files usually donít need more than 5 Mb. If this isrepparttar 134436 case, donít rule out any host because it doesnít have a huge amount of space. If your website stores several megabytes of files, your choices may be limited. There are plenty of websites that give you 20 Mb+, but most will ban file types such as .MP3.

Ad Types

I have heard a lot of people complain about how annoyingrepparttar 134437 ads are on their free websites. Itís rare these days to find a host without ads, and when there is one, it is usually abused and goes down months later. That happens for a reason, and that reason is that there is no money to be made when you have no ads. If people arenít paying forrepparttar 134438 website, ads arerepparttar 134439 wayrepparttar 134440 company pays for their bills and salaries.

But donít lose hope yet, there are options. If you are a business site, it might look unprofessional if you have a banner onrepparttar 134441 top of your page. For this reason you might choose a host that looks like it will stay around for a while but has no ads, or get a host that has pop-ups. Pop-ups are quicker forrepparttar 134442 user to click out of, andrepparttar 134443 visitor only has to see it a second every time he enters a new page. The downside of pop-ups occur when visitors change pages quickly. If your visitors go to many pages each visit, a pop-up coming back up every time may be very annoying. In this situation, a banner may be better.

A final issue that has come up dealing with advertising is whether your host will allow you to host your own ads. If your website becomes popular, and for some reason you still donít want to move to paid hosting, you may want to sell advertising space on your website. This may be a problem for some hosts, as they donít necessarily want you to make a profit off of their free service. You may want to factor this into your search for a host if you are planning to make a profit off of a free website. I would recommend that if this is even a factor, you should pay a small fee for paid hosting. You receive more benefits, and there are a lot less hassles.

The Bottom Of The Food Chain

Written by Richard Lowe

I have nothing against a company trying to make an honest dollar in exchange for a useful service. After all, that is why companies are in existence.

Those internet companies which provided free services and based their existence on supporting those services with advertising are having a tough time right now. The advertising model is based upon network television's success at providing free programming in exchange forrepparttar viewing of advertisements.

The most significant issue with this model (on both television andrepparttar 134432 internet) isrepparttar 134433 fact thatrepparttar 134434 customer is notrepparttar 134435 viewer or user. The customer isrepparttar 134436 advertiser. The actual user ofrepparttar 134437 service isrepparttar 134438 commodity which is being sold. That's whyrepparttar 134439 Neilson ratings are so important torepparttar 134440 network stations - they determine how many viewers are watching so that commercial time can be sold. The higherrepparttar 134441 rating,repparttar 134442 more likely sales are to occur andrepparttar 134443 higherrepparttar 134444 rates can be.

The model gets even more convoluted with services such as GeoCities and Egroups. You see,repparttar 134445 model normally has three components:repparttar 134446 company sellingrepparttar 134447 advertising (such as Yahoo), repparttar 134448 advertisers (the real customers), andrepparttar 134449 users (the viewers ofrepparttar 134450 ads). Egroups and GeoCities adds a forth grouping.

This isrepparttar 134451 content providers. In network television, content is purchased directly byrepparttar 134452 networks and carefully planned to be of maximum desirability to advertisers. Inrepparttar 134453 case of Yahoo and similar companies,repparttar 134454 content is created by a legion of volunteers, all more or less industriously working to make money forrepparttar 134455 corporate machine.

Who are these content providers? Why, anyone who has a web site (inrepparttar 134456 case of GeoCities) and runs a mailing list (inrepparttar 134457 case of egroups). As you create web pages or send emails you are actually giving content torepparttar 134458 company, in which they place advertisements. People look at your content and viewrepparttar 134459 ads.

Unfortunately, in this modelrepparttar 134460 content providers are not worth much torepparttar 134461 company. After all, there are plenty more where they came from. Someone will always want a free web site or mailing list or whatever in exchange forrepparttar 134462 showing of ads.

That isrepparttar 134463 main reason whyrepparttar 134464 service from companies with this model tends to be exceptionally poor -repparttar 134465 content providers are repparttar 134466 lowest critters onrepparttar 134467 food chain.

This is very easy to see. Let's say someone puts up a web site on one of these free providers which has some questionable content, perhaps not exactly in violation ofrepparttar 134468 terms and conditions but it could be interpreted that way. You will find thatrepparttar 134469 web site will be deleted immediately and without warning onrepparttar 134470 first email complaining of a violation. There is usually no investigation, no appeal and no recourse forrepparttar 134471 webmaster.

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