Find the Perfect Getaway In Lawrence, Kansas

Written by Melody Schubert

The World Famous Topeka Zoological Park

Innovative ideas, a Tropical Rain Forest, and a unique display of wildlife has earnedrepparttar World Famous Topeka Zoological Park national recognition. The Zoological Park has something exciting to see forrepparttar 140041 kid in all of us. An especially entertaining stop isrepparttar 140042 Gorilla Encounter where you can viewrepparttar 140043 gorillas from a glass-enclosed area while they roam outdoors. A stroll aroundrepparttar 140044 grounds is filled with interesting animal exhibits andrepparttar 140045 splendors of nature. For more information on Topeka visit World 66, where you writerepparttar 140046 travel guides.

The Birthplace Of The Civil War

History books rarely mention that forrepparttar 140047 citizens of Kansas and Missouri,repparttar 140048 Civil War started inrepparttar 140049 mid 1850's. The Wakarusa War, also known asrepparttar 140050 Border War took place near Lawrence, Kansas, whenrepparttar 140051 abolitionists clashed withrepparttar 140052 pro-slavery "bushwhackers" of Missouri. These battles later earned Kansasrepparttar 140053 nickname, "Bleeding Kansas."

We walked downrepparttar 140054 streets of Lawrence and paused for a moment to imaginerepparttar 140055 town's citizens caught off-guard by William Quantrill's Raid on August 21, 1863. The attack claimedrepparttar 140056 lives of 180 unarmed men and boys and leftrepparttar 140057 city in ruins. The city of Lawrence today is a tribute torepparttar 140058 perseverance of its citizens who survivedrepparttar 140059 battle. Find out more aboutrepparttar 140060 Lawrence's history likerepparttar 140061 Quantrill's Raid on a self-guided tour around town. Callrepparttar 140062 Lawrence Convention & Visitors Bureau for details or speak torepparttar 140063 staff at your hotel.

The Perfect Getaway For Romance & Culture

The city of Lawrence is located 30 minutes from Kansas City. Its historic background and hometown spirit make it a remarkably different small town with a big city flavor. To find that unusual gift for a friend or loved one look no further than Downtown Lawrence where you'll find extraordinary shopping along tree-lined Massachusetts Street and Mass Street.

The locally owned stores and boutiques add to Lawrence's small town charm. Whether you enjoy browsing vintage and resale clothing shop or want that special dress by a world-class designer, there's plenty of options to choose from in Lawrence.

Find Adventure Around Every Bend Of Idaho’s Majestic Landscape

Written by Melody Schubert

Travelers visiting Idaho's majestic landscape find plenty of Historic sites and Cultural events to explore.

Idaho is a haven for those who loverepparttar outdoors. From Hell's Canyon and Heaven's Gate, to thousands of natural springs, rapid white waters, and a city of rocks; you'll find adventure around every bend in Idaho.

"The Gem Of The Mountains."

Idaho's name is thanks to George M. Willing, who urged congress to adoptrepparttar 140040 name, which he said meantrepparttar 140041 "gem ofrepparttar 140042 mountains." Those who loverepparttar 140043 outdoors would agree. Idaho's landscape is filled with breathing-taking rivers, perfect for white water rafting, and lakes set within lush woodlands. Travel onrepparttar 140044 path Lewis & Clark trekked or take off on your own adventure. Wherever you go in Idaho it's sure to be a memorable trip.

Artists Capture Idaho's Beauty With Water Colors

Pack your palate and water colors for a trip to Idaho to join Professional artist, Erica Craig, and other aspiring painters inrepparttar 140045 wilderness. While a snapshot is a memorable token of a vacation, imagine bringing home a painting that capturesrepparttar 140046 scenic beauty of Idaho. Erica helps inspire artists to do just this on wilderness river trips onrepparttar 140047 Main Salmon River in Idaho. The six day, 80 mile trip takes artist to scenic locations and sandy beaches where "You capture things with watercolors that you just can't capture on film," said Erica. To explore your creative side in Idaho with Erica call 208-756-6356.

A Fantastic Experience Awaits On The White Waters In Idaho

Our journey through Idaho took us through stunning landscapes and along crystal clear lakes. We discovered paradise, and continued our search forrepparttar 140048 wild side of Idaho, and then our adventure along Idaho's Main Salmon and Middle Fork ofrepparttar 140049 Salmon river began.

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