Find Your Niche

Written by Robert Kleine

If you haven't heardrepparttar word 'niche' being batted around by Internet Marketers then you haven't been listening. Finding a niche has becomerepparttar 149584 antidote to competing in overly saturated online markets.

What is a niche?

According to Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary a niche is described as "a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted... a specialized market".

Have you noticed that despiterepparttar 149585 closing of many businesses in these harsh economic times,repparttar 149586 local hobby train store is still around? Thatrepparttar 149587 'hole-in-the-wall' eatery is thriving? Or that trends such as scrapbooking can start with a bang and still close within a year when four similar businesses start up inrepparttar 149588 same area?

The online business world reflectsrepparttar 149589 same trends as experienced inrepparttar 149590 offline world - often with faster turnover and startup rates. Those who promote a product or site that targets a small, select audience can tap into a market that is otherwise not being served. Despiterepparttar 149591 limitations ofrepparttar 149592 client base,repparttar 149593 targeted nature ofrepparttar 149594 business creates a devoted and active market -repparttar 149595 aim of any business.


Finding a niche requires diligent research. Whether you have access to software that harvests and sorts information or you take a manual approach you must first start with ideas.

With a pen and paper (or computer, if that's more comfortable) brainstorm a list of businesses, products and industries. Create a list of keywords and phrases you think would be used by individuals looking for these items online.

Use Offline Promotion to build your Online Business

Written by Paul Forcey

Many people miss out on some very valuable promotion opportunities by confining themselves to marketing their business online. If you run a business that is confined to one country or area then offline marketing is a must.

Some ofrepparttar ideas below may be obvious to you but if you overlook just one idea then you are losing business.

Business cards- yes it may be an obvious one but many people overlook it. Every person you meet is a potential client or at least visitor to your site. There are many places to get business cards printed both online and in your local high street or mall.

Printed Balloons- Everyone loves balloons, young and old alike, get a thousand printed up with your web site address on, give them out at party’s, send them as gifts in with your packages, put them on your car if you want to.

Vinyl Decal /Magnetic Signs– get a vinyl decal printed up with your website name on and put it in your rear car window. Everyone who is behind you inrepparttar 149583 traffic jam will see it. Ask your family if they will put one in their car for you.

T-Shirts- How many people see your T-shirt while you are out walking in your local shopping centre or even at work? Everyone likes a free T-Shirt so get a few made up and give them away as prizes for a competition on your site. Give them to friends and family (especially members who are inrepparttar 149584 age group that you want to attract). If your t-shirts look good you can even offer them for sale on your site and possibly they will pay for themselves.

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