Find Passion In What You Do

Written by Josh Hinds

Find something you feel passionately about - Ok, I'll readily admit that onrepparttar surface this seems like a no-brainer. Yet it never ceases to amaze me by how many people I talk with that feel as though they're just going throughrepparttar 123984 motions with regards torepparttar 123985 events in their lives (both business and personal).

My Friend, you may be at a point where you personally feel as though things are a little stagnant. I can sympathize with you. I know in repparttar 123986 past I have certainly felt this way myself. Getting up each morning going to a job that I didn't particularly enjoy. Doing things that I didn't really find all that exhilarating.

Then it dawned on me, if I was going to make a change I simply had to stop talking about it and at least take small active steps towards doing it. So rather than quit doingrepparttar 123987 things that I didn't enjoy I simply started dedicating a little bit of time torepparttar 123988 things that did inspire me. Things I could get excited about! As time passed I realized that more and more of my time was being spent onrepparttar 123989 things I enjoyed doing in my life.

The truly amazing thing was that suddenly I was no longer counting repparttar 123990 hours I put into an project. I lovedrepparttar 123991 new path I was on so much thatrepparttar 123992 long hours of effort it was taking became almost enjoyable. Oh yes, and alongrepparttar 123993 way I did let go of a lot ofrepparttar 123994 things that no longer inspired me.

Why Are You Doing This?

Written by Jeff Neil

Why Are You Doing This?

By Jeff Neil

Sometimes it amazes me how so much in everyday life relates to having a home based business. For instance,repparttar other night I went grocery shopping with my wife and five year old great niece.

Nothing special about it. Just your average fun filled, full of excitement, Thursday night onrepparttar 123983 town.

You know how five year olds are. Always wanting to help and taking pride in what they accomplish. Crystal is no exception, except she can barely reach overrepparttar 123984 cart.

But that doesn`t matter. She does her best at puttingrepparttar 123985 groceries inrepparttar 123986 cart and stacking them nice and neat. It does add fifteen minutes or so to this exciting event. But it`s time well invested.

So as we went through our routine she stacked some cans of (tuna?) and asked me if she was doing a good job.

"Yes" I said. "You`re doing a great`re hired.". Crystal looked at me with a puzzled expression and asked "what`s that mean?".

Some people inrepparttar 123987 isle started laughing. "Don`t ask, you will find out soon enough." one guy said. While a woman there said to Crystal that she didn`t want to know about being hired.

I kind of chuckled myself. But not forrepparttar 123988 same reason. Now I wasn`t laughing at these people. They were just being friendly. But there is something they don`t know.

Crystal does not *have* to get a job. And neither do your kids. Crystal, along withrepparttar 123989 rest ofrepparttar 123990 crew that thinks I owe them something, is getting a chance you and I didn`t have.

She is being brought up to know that you don`t have to work hard all your life. That you can have your own successful business. You can accomplish and haverepparttar 123991 things you want in life.

Most of us weren`t really taught that. Even if we were told that.

Do you remember how it was when you were growing up? If your childhood was like mine, you were told to go to school and study. To get good grades. To go to college if we could afford to and to do all that so we could get a good job.

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