Find An Enemy

Written by Kathryn A. Graham

To consolidate and increase failing political power,repparttar first step is to find an enemy. Demonize this enemy in every way possible. Label it unpatriotic to questionrepparttar 126050 evil of this enemy. Then rally aroundrepparttar 126051 flag and kick some serious butt.

Sound familiar? It certainly should! Subsequent torepparttar 126052 horrors of 9/11, those very tactics took a president with a 49% approval rating –repparttar 126053 danger point for any smart politician with an eye on history – and launched him torepparttar 126054 highest approval ratings of any president in American history. It enabledrepparttar 126055 passage ofrepparttar 126056 abomination calledrepparttar 126057 PATRIOT Act (quickie review here: "Label it unpatriotic to question . . .") which gutted our Constitution and ended our way of life forever. It broughtrepparttar 126058 average American onrepparttar 126059 street (who is a fundamentally decent human being) to supportrepparttar 126060 bombing of a barren and helpless 10th century country right into submission in order to punishrepparttar 126061 sins of a few evil fanatics.

And, of course, those tactics also maderepparttar 126062 old dream of an Afghan natural gas pipeline a reality.

Dubya may be pushingrepparttar 126063 limits with his planned attack on Iraq. He is running out of time – and approval. Nevertheless, those tactics bought himrepparttar 126064 best eleven months of any president in history. If he failed to use them wisely, that does not diminishrepparttar 126065 usefulness ofrepparttar 126066 overall plan. But Dubya didn't inventrepparttar 126067 tactics he used to such good advantage.

Dubya's daddy used them with enormous success inrepparttar 126068 Gulf War. Do you remember allrepparttar 126069 stories about Saddam's troops snatching babies from incubators and throwing them onrepparttar 126070 hospital floors in Kuwait City? It seems now that they were completely fabricated. It simply never happened, but it gained an awful lot of popularity for a war that never had a thing to do with us! It also gained a lot of popularity for a president who looked America inrepparttar 126071 eye, said, "Read my lips." – and lied.

Dubya learned well from his daddy. Adolf Hitler used similar manipulative tactics very successfully inrepparttar 126072 years leading up to World War II. He demonized Jews, Gypsies – everyone who had committedrepparttar 126073 hideous sin of being born other than "Aryan" – which handily distracted German citizens fromrepparttar 126074 horror of their economy atrepparttar 126075 time, and then he invaded Poland and started some serious whupass. Despiterepparttar 126076 determination of most ofrepparttar 126077 world to stop him, his own people worshipped him almost as a god right up untilrepparttar 126078 bitter end.

Subsequent to Pearl Harbor (and some believe prior to Pearl Harbor), Roosevelt used similar tactics with great success inrepparttar 126079 early days of our entry into World War II. They continued to carry popular support right intorepparttar 126080 last days ofrepparttar 126081 war, when Truman maderepparttar 126082 decision to userepparttar 126083 bomb.

The earliest description of tactics such as these that I have personally read can be found inrepparttar 126084 writings of Julius Caesar, but I am sure that even earlier soldiers and thinkers used them to controlrepparttar 126085 unruly masses and get an unpopular job done.

Why did these leaders resort to these tactics? They used them quite simply because they work. I should also mention that they also work especially well for leaders who are losing support – or who never had much support inrepparttar 126086 first place.

Are you taking notes? Good. Because tactics of this type don't just apply to nations. They work for any identifiable group that is opposed to any other identifiable group.

Another quick review here. What arerepparttar 126087 elements? (1) Failing popularity or support for your group, (2) find an enemy group, (3) demonize that enemy, and (4) kick some you-know-what. Result? Fantastic popularity, loyalty, support, ad nauseam.

This morning, I hadrepparttar 126088 misfortune to read an ad forrepparttar 126089 August issue of Whistleblower magazine with some excerpts fromrepparttar 126090 theme – how Paganism is destroying America by fosteringrepparttar 126091 "New World Order." Normally, when I read material as ridiculously false as this, I just wonder aboutrepparttar 126092 intelligence and/orrepparttar 126093 education ofrepparttar 126094 author.

Today was different.

Right now, I am especially sensitive torepparttar 126095 use of manipulation of public opinion in this manner to gain power and money. So what might have gone unnoticed by me yesterday rose up and smacked me inrepparttar 126096 face today.

I do not ascribe this sort of nonsense to sincere Christians. Sincere Christians are not insecure in their faith. They have no need to play games with manipulation.

No,repparttar 126097 authors of these stories – and others like them – are not sincere Christians. They are opportunists, cold-bloodedly seeking power and money by methods historically proven to work. In addition, their blatantly money-grubbing so-called "churches" are losing popularity at a surprising rate. Which happens to constitute Element 1. Paganism isrepparttar 126098 fastest growing religion in western civilization, despite our adamant refusal to proselytize, sorepparttar 126099 authors have found their enemy ready to hand. Element 2 is complete.

What Is The Difference Between a Pacifist and a Victim?

Written by Kathryn A. Graham

One of my greatest personal heroes, Robert A. Heinlein, once stated flatly that a male pacifist was a contradiction in terms. Heinlein was a brilliant writer, one hell of a philosopher, and very seldom wrong.

He was wrong this time.

He should have said that a male victim is a contradiction in terms.

Heinlein may be forgiven, though. No writer is perfect, and it is a common mistake to confuserepparttar ideologically committed pacifist withrepparttar 126049 chronic, or professional, victim. Heinlein himself was a pacifist, although I do not believe he ever realized it, but he was never a victim – and he certainly had no shortage of testosterone!

This subject has been very much on my mind forrepparttar 126050 last day or so.

I have a lifelong and very dear friend who is utterly and absolutely opposed to everything I stand for concerning firearms. I am aware of this, and I have tried and tried to accept it. I am seldom too terribly shocked by what comes out of his mouth, but this time he caught me totally flat-footed and left me completely speechless.

He related to me just yesterday that a couple of years ago, his thirty-year-old daughter came to visit him. He was talking to her as she was unpacking inrepparttar 126051 guest room of his home, and when she got torepparttar 126052 bottom of her suitcase, there was her little handgun that she traveled with.

He was shocked and enraged. He informed her that he had not only never fired such an abomination, he had never even touched one, and he insisted that she remove that instrument of Satan from his home immediately and leave it in her car.

Unfortunately, she did as he asked without a murmur. I would have removedrepparttar 126053 pistol also, but I would certainly have removed myself as well, both from his house and from his life. Permanently. Then again, I may have misjudged his daughter just a bit. It’s true that she’s never come back for another visit. Smart girl.

I wonder if my friend has any idea of what that little tale that he related to me with such glowing and self-righteous pride reveals about him, and about his feelings for his daughter? Let’s take a closer look.

First of all, and most obviously, it is very, very clear that he does not love his daughter. I have a bit of insider knowledge there, as I was aware that he had made no effort to see her in twenty years, but I would have realized this particular fact anyway.

He actually considered his blind terror of an inanimate piece of hardware to be more important that his daughter’s safety, and she had just driven from California to Texas to visit him!

As an aside, my own father loved me very, very much. If my father had ever learned that I had made such a trip without a firearm, he’d have tanned every scrap of hide right off my backside, thirty years grown or not! As a matter of fact, he’d have raised holy un-shirted hell with me for leaving it inrepparttar 126054 bottom of my suitcase and not in my purse or pocket!

Not Harry. He was able to pull his soul out and polish it and tell himself what a wonderful Christian he was, and he’s been patting himself onrepparttar 126055 back for it ever since.

Sadly, my friend Harry is a professional victim. He subscribes torepparttar 126056 pseudo-morality that says that it is better to suffer any indignity – even die – than to use force in your own defense orrepparttar 126057 defense of another. If he is ever mugged or robbed, I am quite sure that I will have to attend his funeral, because he will not lift a finger to help himself.

Harry really isn’t an evil man. If anyone came to his door hungry, he would feed them. He is kind to animals. He pays his bills. He drinks in moderation. And he has a sense of humor that is wicked and delightful. I enjoy his company very much – or I did until he found out I carry a gun. Now that I know his views onrepparttar 126058 matter, I will never visit his home again (because I am never, ever unarmed), although we have a professional and friendly relationship onrepparttar 126059 Internet andrepparttar 126060 telephone.

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