Find Adventure Around Every Bend Of Idaho’s Majestic Landscape

Written by Melody Schubert

Travelers visiting Idaho's majestic landscape find plenty of Historic sites and Cultural events to explore.

Idaho is a haven for those who loverepparttar outdoors. From Hell's Canyon and Heaven's Gate, to thousands of natural springs, rapid white waters, and a city of rocks; you'll find adventure around every bend in Idaho.

"The Gem Of The Mountains."

Idaho's name is thanks to George M. Willing, who urged congress to adoptrepparttar 140040 name, which he said meantrepparttar 140041 "gem ofrepparttar 140042 mountains." Those who loverepparttar 140043 outdoors would agree. Idaho's landscape is filled with breathing-taking rivers, perfect for white water rafting, and lakes set within lush woodlands. Travel onrepparttar 140044 path Lewis & Clark trekked or take off on your own adventure. Wherever you go in Idaho it's sure to be a memorable trip.

Artists Capture Idaho's Beauty With Water Colors

Pack your palate and water colors for a trip to Idaho to join Professional artist, Erica Craig, and other aspiring painters inrepparttar 140045 wilderness. While a snapshot is a memorable token of a vacation, imagine bringing home a painting that capturesrepparttar 140046 scenic beauty of Idaho. Erica helps inspire artists to do just this on wilderness river trips onrepparttar 140047 Main Salmon River in Idaho. The six day, 80 mile trip takes artist to scenic locations and sandy beaches where "You capture things with watercolors that you just can't capture on film," said Erica. To explore your creative side in Idaho with Erica call 208-756-6356.

A Fantastic Experience Awaits On The White Waters In Idaho

Our journey through Idaho took us through stunning landscapes and along crystal clear lakes. We discovered paradise, and continued our search forrepparttar 140048 wild side of Idaho, and then our adventure along Idaho's Main Salmon and Middle Fork ofrepparttar 140049 Salmon river began.

Holland America! There's nothing cruising-as-usual about it

Written by William Lezubski

Holland America has earned "highest rated premium cruise line" status from readers of Condé Nast Traveller and Travel & Leisure (a very sophisticated, cruise savvy audience), every year for well over a decade! They have also garnered a multitude of prestigious awards for quality, food service, entertainment, best onboard service, and best private island from such respected publications asrepparttar World Ocean and Cruise Liner Society, Porthole Cruise Magazine and Onboard Services Magazine. There is no question that Holland America lives up to its reputation as repparttar 140024 best overall cruise value inrepparttar 140025 business today. Not unexpected given they have 130 years of experience catering to very discerning guests indeed.

The atmosphere

Like that of a modern, gracious home (staff included) whererepparttar 140026 scenery changes every day. Everywhere a sense of style and elegance pervades. Brass railings, sweeping staircases, grand floral displays. Spaciousness, serenity and comfort all around.

The Service

Did you know that Holland America sails with more crewmembers per guest than any other cruise line in their class? Simply ask and it shall be done - perfectly and promptly by award-winning indonesian stewards, many of who are graduates of Holland America's exclusive school in Jakarta. When you think about it, outstanding service isrepparttar 140027 sum of many small actions. Fromrepparttar 140028 steward who folds your child's napkin into a bunny or surprises you by rinsing your flippers, torepparttar 140029 waiter who graciously serves you at dinner and brings you a snifter of armagnac to sip atrepparttar 140030 rail, you feel (and are) completely and utterly cared for.

The Dining

Fantastic cuisine. Diverse restaurants. Where to dine tonight? A delicious five-course dinner inrepparttar 140031 beautiful main dining room? An intimate table for two inrepparttar 140032 reservations-only restaurant? And inrepparttar 140033 morning, made to order or buffet breakfasts feature freshly squeezed orange juice, eggs made to order, fresh fruit, Belgian waffles, cheeses, hot and cold cereals, gourmet coffee and teas. Oops! You slept in. No matter, room service is on call 24 hours a day.

Buon appetito! Fettuccine, linguine, pizza rustica, osso bucco. The cuisine of central Italy is prepared to perfection inrepparttar 140034 intimate Marco Polo Bistro on ms Volendam and ms Zaandam and inrepparttar 140035 Odyssey Restaurant on ms Zuiderdam, ms Oosterdam, ms Westerdam, ms Amsterdam and ms Rotterdam. On all ships except ms Noordam, a new alternative restaurant have been introduced - The Pinnacle Grill - where menus feature fine wines and specialties inspired byrepparttar 140036 Pacific Northwest. (And speaking of wines, Holland America uncorks a selection that The Wine spectator rates "excellent"). Another highlight for those of you sailing a tropical itinerary isrepparttar 140037 beach barbecue on Half Moon Cay, Holland's private island inrepparttar 140038 Bahamas. Juicy burgers onrepparttar 140039 grill, chilled salads, ripe fruit, and cool drinks - ice cream too. A cover charge applies when meals are taken in alternative restaurants.

Every afternoon traditional Dutch high tea is presented on deck with delicate china and petit fours (accompanied by a string quartet of course). Complimentary espresso and hand-dipped chocolates are served inrepparttar 140040 evening inrepparttar 140041 Explorer's Lounge, or adjourn torepparttar 140042 Lido for cognac and hand-rolled "cigars underrepparttar 140043 stars." With pre-dinner cocktails you get hot hors d'oeuvres and atrepparttar 140044 pool and patio there's a bar and grill. The perfect place for deck parties and lunches al fresco.

Suddenly have a craving for Torrefazione coffee, double Dutch chocolate cake or other dessert extravaganza? It's as far asrepparttar 140045 Windstar Café does, early morning to late night. After indulging here you will appreciate even morerepparttar 140046 "In Balance" cuisine designed by celebrity chef Jeanne Jones! There are special menus in select restaurants for children, which have been masterminded to please evenrepparttar 140047 most finicky eater.

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