Financial Planners Get Free Publicity With Email

Written by Ned Steele

In previous articles for marketing-minded financial planners, I've discussed what to say to a reporter overrepparttar telephone.

However, if you are phone-shy or time-challenged, it's better to send an email than to do nothing.

Many reporters favor e-mail anyway, so use it. Callrepparttar 145530 media outlet or check its staff listing to getrepparttar 145531 reporter’s email address. Sometimes reporters email addresses are atrepparttar 145532 bottom of their article inrepparttar 145533 newspaper—or linked to inrepparttar 145534 online version ofrepparttar 145535 outlet. It’s rarely a secret.

Again, offer practical story ideas – one or two max per e-mail. Summarize your best story idea inrepparttar 145536 ‘subject’ line ofrepparttar 145537 email.

Be specific. In fact, spend as much time composing that subject line as you dorepparttar 145538 entire body of your message. It's that important.

Three Publicity Tips for Marketing-Minded Financial Planners

Written by Ned Steele

Financial planners,repparttar first thing to know about reporters is this: they are busy.

Often, they are too busy to read a press release, too busy to wait for you to call back, too busy to findrepparttar 145529 "best" resource. This leads to three tips for marketing-minded financial planners.

When a reporter calls – move quickly

A reporter calls you. Great! Now what? Just remember this tip: media people rate you as a resource on strange criteria, such as … how fast you call them back. If you don’t call swiftly enough, they’ll quote someone else. Media time is not like regular time: for them, three hours is not a quick callback. It’s an eternity. And probably for you, it’s a missed opportunity.

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