Films, television and acceleration:

Written by Neva Howell

What if dark side film and television creations arerepparttar result of writers who channel divine energies? What if each one released information via entertainment, so thatrepparttar 122422 concept of consideringrepparttar 122423 implausible,repparttar 122424 mystical,repparttar 122425 metaphysical, was slowly formulated withinrepparttar 122426 minds ofrepparttar 122427 millions of people who watched them? What if science fiction novels and comics have been doing similar educational and conditioning work, slowly expanding perception and introducing new awareness?

What ifrepparttar 122428 fright-filled novels of Stephen King and other authors, along with horror films like Fridayrepparttar 122429 13th, Hellraiser, The Frighteners,repparttar 122430 Alien series, Independence Day, Near Dark, Kiss ofrepparttar 122431 Vampire etc. (as well as "dark side" television shows like Dark Shadows, American Gothic, Kindred: The Embraced and Tales fromrepparttar 122432 Crypt) have been explorations of The Void and our fears?

When a group of people come together inrepparttar 122433 dark womb of a movie theater, to experience an alternate reality together, significant energy gets shifted. A spontaneous burst of laughter, from two hundred people connecting with a point of humor at exactlyrepparttar 122434 same time and in close proximity to each other, generates a healing capacity that is quite sizable. Two hundred movie-goers simultaneously screaming in terror creates a cleansing and clearing energy vortex--a collective release of fear reactions inrepparttar 122435 group energy field. It is liberating to face one's nightmares, even if only inrepparttar 122436 safety ofrepparttar 122437 darkened cinema. Whilerepparttar 122438 screams are triggered byrepparttar 122439 on-screen stimulus, they also trigger individual release of genuine fear, as well. Each person there, depending on their particular fear grid, can receive lessening of fear tensions if they allow it to happen.

When an audience is collectively moved to tears, byrepparttar 122440 mistreatment of a character inrepparttar 122441 film, a new empathy is born and shared. Whilerepparttar 122442 tears, onrepparttar 122443 surface, seem to be triggered byrepparttar 122444 level of acting onrepparttar 122445 screen, they are, in fact, triggered by actual life similarities withinrepparttar 122446 audience members. There is empathy and a transference of emotional energy. A theater group who has shared an emotional film journey together has also shared many other levels of awareness duringrepparttar 122447 course ofrepparttar 122448 film, spiritually. They have reestablished spiritual ties, balanced past lives, changed perceptions, released old patterns, come to new awareness, and activated gridlines of connectedness withrepparttar 122449 other audience members. They have gotten to know each other, throughrepparttar 122450 medium of shared experience. It is probable that these same people, attracted byrepparttar 122451 energy of certain films, will interact in a darkened theater again, at another movie. Perhaps, next time, they will choose to speak atrepparttar 122452 refreshment counter, or walking toward their cars. Perhaps, they will bring this shared experience into a more conscious level between them.

Spiritual Acceleration challenges

Written by Neva Howell

When you decide to clear yourself of negativity, limiting belief systems, unhealthy habits, and ego distractions, it may surprise you to find that your immediate circle of friends begins to change. Those who don't wish to progress may suddenly resent or dislike you. Those who vibrate at a slower frequency thanrepparttar one you have just left, may seem tiring and not desirable to be around anymore. Most likely, there will be those of your circle who want you backrepparttar 122421 way you were, so they can interact with you inrepparttar 122422 same habitual ways. This is not possible so you may find these relationships drifting away or find yourself taking action to end them. This is a normal part ofrepparttar 122423 process. Allow it not to be discordant. Observe, allow, and extend assistance to those who may wish to break free of old patterns. Those who choose to remain at slower vibrations will begin to be drawn to others of their own level.

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