Filing a Case Against Canine Bite Injuries

Written by Paul Hood

Man’s best friend can be man’s worst enemy. Statistics show dog attacks have accounted for more than 300 dog-bite related deaths inrepparttar United States fromrepparttar 119172 period of 1979 through 1996. Most of these victims were children. And someone seeks medical attention every forty seconds because of this bites.

There are 800,000 approximate bites encountered every year inrepparttar 119173 US that needs medical treatment and again most ofrepparttar 119174 victims are children. Almost $165 million is spent treating dog bites and 70% of dog bites occur onrepparttar 119175 owner's property.

In most cases like this,repparttar 119176 dog’s owner is required to pay forrepparttar 119177 damages caused by his pet’s attack. However, there may be times whenrepparttar 119178 dog’s “keeper” may be held liable atrepparttar 119179 time ofrepparttar 119180 attack. The landlord too may have culpability for an attack of his tenant’s dog in limited circumstances.

The medical expenses that will be incurred due to dog bites is very high particularly with regards to scarring injuries. Scars can be a serious, life-long result of a dog bite. Children, because of their size, are particularly susceptible to bites aroundrepparttar 119181 head and face. Scarring injuries not only cause physical problems, but can also cause long term emotional trauma, requiring a significant amount of psychological counseling.

Is it necessary to go to court?

Written by Maui Reyes

Inrepparttar United States, personal injury claims are given a statute limitation of two (2) years beforerepparttar 119171 claim is outlawed. Within this period, one must obtain a lawyer and file a case before going to trial in court.

Most people find this quite a hassle. Hiring a lawyer takes not only a lot of money, but also demands a considerable amount of time and energy to set up meetings and, of course, show up in court. Because of this, many clients resort to “settlements”, or dealing withrepparttar 119172 case before going to trial.

Of course, this doesn’t mean settlement happens “outside of court”. This only means that cases are settled “before going to trial”, meaningrepparttar 119173 case has already been filed. 99% of cases filed in court often reach a settlement beforerepparttar 119174 trial.

Settling before going to court can be tricky. Oftentimes people makerepparttar 119175 wrong move and get a lower settlement price, or lose more money because they refused to settle. Settlement usually happens when a date is set—a courtroom and judge are already scheduled, andrepparttar 119176 case is ready to go to court. This is when defendants usually consider to settle, in case they feel they are risking more ifrepparttar 119177 trial pushes through.

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