File sharing - What you need to know!

Written by N Hynes

File sharing on p2p is soaring despiterepparttar music and movie industry efforts to curbrepparttar 145749 practice. Regardless of which side ofrepparttar 145750 arguement you are on it is likely that sharing of copyright material will continue in one form or another forrepparttar 145751 foreseeable future.

Withrepparttar 145752 advent of p2p file sharing it is possible to download music, movies, movie trailers, MP3's, TV shows, software, games and ringtones all for free. All that is required is a fast internet connection and some P2P software. A peer to peer computer network is a network used for sharing content like audio, video, data or anything in digital format. The best known example of p2p file sharing application was Napster. Napster was shutdown following a lawsuit withrepparttar 145753 music industry.

Today, Napster has been replaced by a new type of application which required no central server and allowsrepparttar 145754 anonymous sharing of files. The most common peer to peer networks today are Kazaa, Grokster, eMule and Morpheus.

1Click Backup : Backup Utility Software For Windows

Written by Manish kumar

“CSEP Technologies creates a new revelation in backup utility segment with its product 1Click Backup that can take backup in just ONE CLICK” See More

CSEP Technologies,repparttar leader in delivering Creative Solutions @ Economical Prices, comes with yet another utility that delivers “Value For Money” to its users. This time CSEP unveils a backup utility named 1Click Backup that allows users to take backup of all their confidential data in just SINGLE CLICK. Along withrepparttar 145718 product,repparttar 145719 company also offers 100 MB of free space on its company server, just in caserepparttar 145720 user wishes to take extra security measures to protect his data.

Supported by its advanced backup logic, 1Click Backup offers easy and reliable backup option for its users especially those who are wary of complex backup utilities that demand extensive settings and pre backup configurations.

1Click backup usesrepparttar 145721 concept of backup task option to provide users with easy and reliable backup option. The user just need to create a backup task once that contains links to desired files and folders he wishes to take backup. The application automatically takes backup of allrepparttar 145722 selected files and folders with just ONE CLICK. 1Click Backup also provides an option to include important items like Internet Explorer, Outlook Express Mails, Windows Fonts, Favorites, and Address Book etc inrepparttar 145723 backup task.

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