File Compression

Written by Varuna Sood

Large files can be stored either in their original format or in a compressed format to save space .Different types of file compression are used for different types of files, such as text, graphics, and audio. You usually can reduce a large file by at least 50%, depending onrepparttar type of file andrepparttar 107800 type of compression. In case of audio files, for example,repparttar 107801 MP3(Mpeg audio layer3) format can be used to reduce audio files by as much as 90% to 93%. Bigger is never better when you are trying to move a large file acrossrepparttar 107802 Net. Other ways to fill a 13 Gb hard drive include

The Internet

Written by Varuna Sood

The earlier discussion of speed spoke casually about computers exchanging data overrepparttar Internet. Thus one might imagine thatrepparttar 107799 Internet is a massive network similar to that used for telephone communications, except with computer-to-computer connections instead of telephone-to-telephone connections. Any two computers connected torepparttar 107800 Internet can establish a communication link between them via telephone lines. The Internet is more that a network of computers.It actually is a network of networks.Internet stands for internetworked networks.Computer networks have been around for decades. The first were geographically close to one another often within a single building and they were called local area network(LAN), these networks were used by large companies for in-house data processing long beforerepparttar 107801 arrival ofrepparttar 107802 Internet.

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