Fighting Terrorism With Enchantment - Part 1

Written by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

This isrepparttar first of a two-part series dedicated to fightingrepparttar 126252 trauma of terrorism and getting back to a more positive way of life.

Many of you may look at my title and wonder if I have 'lost my marbles.' Let me explain. First let me quote from a wonderful article that was passed around onrepparttar 126253 web by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. entitled: Healing From Terrorism Sickness. She states: "The main goal of terrorism is 'intentional trauma' torepparttar 126254 living. The concept of doing ongoing psychic injury to thousands and millions 'all atrepparttar 126255 same time' is an important tactic of terrorists ... innocent persons becoming afraid of life ... (this) hurtsrepparttar 126256 human spirit and heart."

Clarissa then shares many ways to fight this madness including refusing to dwell on what physically depletes us of hope; dwelling in what strengthens us; resting; refusing to think that one is less able than prior torepparttar 126257 assault, and not stopping pleasures that are good for you.

I don't know if Clarissa realized that her suggestions fit perfectly into THE ENCHANTED SELF's Seven Portals to Enchantment, but they do! Let's go through these gateways and see how they preserve us from disenchantment and even worse -- terror.

The first gateway isrepparttar 126258 Gateway of Self-Esteem. When terror strikes it is very common to feel vulnerable, of little importance and perhaps even valueless. This is exactlyrepparttar 126259 opposite of how we need to feel for good mental health. To function at my best I need to know on a daily basis that I am 'special'. I have traits, strengths and abilities that all come together, not only to help me lead a life of meaning, but help me feel proud and sure of myself. You do too! What are some of your strengths and/or coping skills? Work with me as you read this and list some. It will be beneficial as we come out of this terror! Perhaps you have stamina, compassion, and an ability to reinvent yourself. Perhaps you are a good at cheering others up or great at making fudge! All of these and thousands more qualify as pluses in living!

The second gateway is Meeting Our Needs. Again, when terror or severe stress hits we often stop doing what is good for ourselves. We feel weak and may let go of a growth experience or learning a new skill that is good for us. Even afterrepparttar 126260 acute weakness passes we may feel unsure or no longer committed to our own goals for growth and development. Again, this is exactlyrepparttar 126261 opposite of what is needed for good mental health. Did you let anything go as a result of September 11th? You might want to make a note about it and also a new start up date.

Fairy Tales Can Come True

Written by Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

In private moments we may find ourselves reflecting upon our lives, what could have been, and our true potential. We often cast our hopes and dreams aside, and then experience feelings of disillusionment or emptiness. We feel cheated of our inalienable right of happiness

In this world of fast paced communications, it's very easy to become sidetracked when it comes to finding our Enchanted Self. We are constantly bombarded with images from TV, radio, magazines and newspapers telling us what to wear, how we should look and smell, or what car to drive. According to these outside options, if we follow their plan then we should be happy, right? Wrong! When we place our lives inrepparttar hands of others we loserepparttar 126251 magical, potential for happiness that exists within each of us.

How do we beginrepparttar 126252 process of looking within? What do we look for? First, we must understand that each of us hasrepparttar 126253 ability to create our own happiness and joy. Second, we need to realize thatrepparttar 126254 most important tool we possess is our own unique memories. Memories don't just pop up out of nowhere; they sometimes have to be prodded or coaxed. Think of them as children playing hide and seek, hoping and waiting to be discovered. How do we coax our memories out intorepparttar 126255 open?

Experiencingrepparttar 126256 moment can trigger positive memories from your past. Learning to recognize your positive talents and strengths through memory retrieval is an important lease ofrepparttar 126257 process toward discovering your Enchanted Self.

The third step is learning how to use positive memories to reinvent yourself. Recently while

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