"Fighting SPAM!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

Junk email is estimated to have grown about 42% during 2001, withrepparttar seemingly non-stop invasion of X-rated email, scam offers from Nigeria, drugs and other such unwanted intrusions.

Analysts predict thatrepparttar 132773 volume of email onrepparttar 132774 Internet, most of it junk, will grow another 50 percent in 2002.

That is a lot of email!

With estimates thatrepparttar 132775 number of Internet users is nearingrepparttar 132776 1 billion mark,repparttar 132777 amount of email floating aroundrepparttar 132778 Internet will only continue to increase.

The question many people want to ask is, "Are there any sure-fire cures for all this junk email that we receive right now and any more that may appear inrepparttar 132779 coming years?"

The short answer - Yes.

Make good use of your delete button! :-)

The long answer is - No.

No, there is no 100 percent cure forrepparttar 132780 spam that plagues us all, X-rated or not. Not even pending federal legislation will make a significant dent on all that junk. But there are several ways to try and alleviate this problem.

Most email programs, including Microsoft's Outlook Express, have custom filtering features that are built intorepparttar 132781 program but which are, more often than not, very much unused.

The big problem in using ANY email filter system is that they may cause blocking of legitimate email.

SpamCop Vigilantism

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

The following is a note I received from an advertiser after he got a SPAM warning from a Spam Vigilante. Note that his service is a SPAM Filtering Service!


Do you know what this means, and how it happened?


----- Original Message ----- From: <82451690@reports.spamcop.net> To: Sent: Friday, May 24, 2002 7:18 PM Subject: [SpamCop (http://spamfilter.website101.com) id:82451690] [Astrology.ca] May 25 Horoscope > - SpamCop V1.3.3 -

> This message is brief for your comfort. Please follow links for details.

The following note come fromrepparttar VIGILANTE via SpamCop

> > I never signed up for this! Send CONFIRMATION emails BEFORE mindlessly signing people up to prevent unauthorized signups! >

My response to my list advertiser is next


You have just becomerepparttar 132772 latest victim of spam vigilantism by a SpamCop member. It is a hate crime practiced by folks with little else to do but chase phantom criminals because they are so annoyed by REAL spammers. I guess you can't blame them since that is what obviatesrepparttar 132773 SpamFilter Service you provide. I have written previous articles onrepparttar 132774 absolute stupidity of this vicious circle. You provide a valuable service with SpamFilter which is intended to stop spam directly. SpamCop thrives, in part, because your very worthwhile SpamFilter service is so necessary. I only wish more people would use SpamFilter and fewer used SpamCop.

Here isrepparttar 132775 usual course of events, Joe.

I host a daily horoscope list that goes to 4500 people. Many times enthusiastic astrology list subscribers sign up friends and relatives without their permission, to share a particular horoscope with them. It'srepparttar 132776 biggest drawback to hosting that list.

But I keep all subscription requests and can prove them. I've had run-ins with SpamCop before and they know about my list and that there are occasional complaints due to those unrequested sign-ups to repparttar 132777 list by over enthusiastic friends and relatives. As you can see, I am advertising SpamFilter in that daily horoscope and when a complaint goes to spamcop, their mindless automated system sends to every domain listed inrepparttar 132778 email.

I've had trouble with it before and have a section inrepparttar 132779 SpamFilter folder discussing it. Noterepparttar 132780 links to SpamCops Abuses andrepparttar 132781 multiple articles from other victims ofrepparttar 132782 so-called service. Most of us are list hosts or have our own newsletters. Readrepparttar 132783 articles I have posted.

http://website101.com/SpamFilter/spamcop.net.html http://website101.com/SpamFilter/spamcops.html http://website101.com/SpamFilter/spammer_spamming.html

All that is required is to notify everyone involved ofrepparttar 132784 likely cause, that is friends signing up others without permission. I even directly ask people NOT to sign up others to avoid this trouble. But when it does happen, I always notify my web host,repparttar 132785 list host and any advertisers inrepparttar 132786 list and it's becoming routine, unfortunately, because of how SpamCop works -- or I should say, doesn't work. That isrepparttar 132787 reason I like your SpamFilter service so much. It removesrepparttar 132788 crap to allow me more time to deal with real issues.

SpamCop is a real issue and I tire ofrepparttar 132789 vigilantes involved with them. Unfortunately, it seems not to go away, no matter how many list owners are attacked this way. I'm sending a copy of this to my Web Host, my List Host, to SpamCop, to you and to other advertisers, so that everyone is aware ofrepparttar 132790 stupidity involved and doesn't takerepparttar 132791 matter too far. I'll be posting a copy of this inrepparttar 132792 SpamFilter article file as well to further illustraterepparttar 132793 vigilante nature of SpamCop members.

Makes me think of lynchings and other hate crimes when people do this. Talk about knee-jerk reactions. Notice thatrepparttar 132794 complainer is masked by SpamCop? They complain anonymously and it's not possible to respond to them, even when you would like to explain it to them. Neither can you unsubscriberepparttar 132795 complainer. Usually they just continue to complain and you must continue to defend yourself so your host doesn't take action against you, your list or your site.

In this case I can proverepparttar 132796 person is subscribed, and if they didrepparttar 132797 complaining directly to me, I could show themrepparttar 132798 subscription andrepparttar 132799 IP address ofrepparttar 132800 person that subscribed them. But they string uprepparttar 132801 noose and attempt to hangrepparttar 132802 object of their wrath, even if they ought to be stringing uprepparttar 132803 friend or relative that subscribed them torepparttar 132804 list without their permission. Note also that there is a plainly visible and always available UNSUBSCRIBE link atrepparttar 132805 bottom ofrepparttar 132806 list.

They don't unsubscribe, they would rather complain than to take direct action. It's all really very absurd.

Mike Banks Valentine

Joe wrote:

Mike, Do you know what this means, and how it happened. Joe

----- Original Message ----- From: <82451690@reports.spamcop.net> To: Sent: Friday, May 24, 2002 7:18 PM Subject: [SpamCop (http://spamfilter.website101.com) id:82451690] [Astrology.ca] May 25 Horoscope > - SpamCop V1.3.3 -

> This message is brief for your comfort. Please follow links for > >details.

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