Feng Shui Peach Blossom Romance Method

Written by John Mausolf

Peach Blossom Romance Activation Method

This method is only to be used to attract a new romantic partner into your life, this is not a method to bring peace to troubled relationships. Onlyrepparttar Flying Stars Feng Shui method can help smooth over rough waters in relationships, assuming both partners wantrepparttar 122292 same outcome of course!

To use this method effectively, one needs to know their Earthly Branch or Animal character for their day of birth usingrepparttar 122293 Four Pillars Chinese Astrological technique. Make sure that no one else in your home sharesrepparttar 122294 same Peach Blossom Romance Direction as you before activating this, as they will be triggered off also! Not good for somebody you are sharing your home with, who is in a solid relationship already, as they will develop a wandering eye! This Earthly Branch Day Character can be found by entering your time, date and place of birth details intorepparttar 122295 free online calculator on Master Yu's old site, at, http://www.geocities.com/fourpillar/charting.html Don't worry aboutrepparttar 122296 hour detail too much if you are unsure of your exact time of birth, we are only afterrepparttar 122297 day character forrepparttar 122298 Earthly Branch for this Romance attracting method. Do work outrepparttar 122299 day character for every occupant within your home and then checkrepparttar 122300 table atrepparttar 122301 bottom of this page so as to make sure that you are not unwittingly activatingrepparttar 122302 Romantic effect ofrepparttar 122303 Peach Blossom for anybody else. For those of you who love to do things manually, step by step instructions for drawing this up can be found in "The Complete Idiots Guide to Feng Shui - 2nd Edition" ISBN 0-02-864339-9

The Reality of Fairies

Written by Skye Thomas

No, I have never seen a fairy, an angel, nor any other type of a spirit guide. But I swear there are times I think that if I spun around fast enough they'd be sitting there snickering at me. Today's one of those days. Quite often, I sit up late at night working too many nights in a row. I also have a two year old bouncing offrepparttar walls first thing every morning. The combination means I am pretty much doomed to episodes of sleep deprivation every time my inner workaholic takes over. Not a big deal in and of itself, because all things come into balance and I'll end up spending a day or two lounging around doing a whole lot of nothing. Today was supposed to be one of those days. I went to bed giving myself guiltless permission to sleep in as long as I like. My teenagers had already offered to hang out watching cartoons withrepparttar 122291 little one for me. But then those wee folk decided that I had something far more important to do today. Bright and early before anyone else was awake, I was woken up by a persistent little voice telling me to write about fairies today. "Okay great, but I'll do it later after I sleep in a couple more hours." No, you're going to do it now! And sorepparttar 122292 nagging began.

I had thought we'd just sit here atrepparttar 122293 computer and they'd start babbling about something or other and I could just channel something from that higher realm that seems to only open up by invitation and never by my own insistence nor with any real regard to my own deadlines and work schedules. No, they wanted me to come up with something on my own. "Go ahead, tell them your own opinions and understanding about fairies." So, I spent about five hours today going through other people's websites about fairies to try and find my own opinion. Don't ask me to explain why I do things like that. Mostly, all it did was reconfirm that I really love Amy Brown's work and I would love to have her completely redrawrepparttar 122294 picture of a fairy takingrepparttar 122295 leap of faith that's on my home page. I also remembered a lot ofrepparttar 122296 reasons that I've drawn some parallels in my own mind between angels, fairies, aliens, and spirit guides.

Here's an interesting explanation that I kept coming across today. I've had a long time love affair with fairies and am kind of surprised I never read this before. The story basically goes like this.... Whenrepparttar 122297 Proud Angel was leaving heaven andrepparttar 122298 other angels were following him out, Michael called out in a panic pointing out to The Father that all of heaven was quickly emptying. The Father demanded thatrepparttar 122299 gates to heaven and to hell both be closed and locked immediately. It was done. He then declared that whoever was in was in and whoever was out was out. Those angels who had left heaven but who had not quite made it to hell yet were stuck here on earth and had to find residence inrepparttar 122300 hills, trees, and lakes.

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