Feng Shui - Create Prosperity at the Office by Clearing the Clutter

Written by Jean Hanson

The essence of Feng Shui revolves around using positive energy, or Chi, to enhance your surroundings. Serenity, prosperity, and wealth followrepparttar occupants of homes and offices with Chi.

Your office should be a pleasant, un-cluttered, well-lit, and inspiring space. The most important thing you can do to increaserepparttar 117408 flow of chi is to get rid ofrepparttar 117409 piles of clutter throughoutrepparttar 117410 office. If your desk has piles of papers, boxes, files, and post-it notes taped torepparttar 117411 computer, chi will get stuck. Your creativity and decision-making skills will be blocked. If your office is orderly and un-cluttered, you will think more clearly and make decisions more easily.

Here are some tips to clearrepparttar 117412 clutter in your office: 1. Piles of boxes and papers onrepparttar 117413 floor immediately slowsrepparttar 117414 flow of chi, so get rid of allrepparttar 117415 piles for a smooth flow. 2. Go through allrepparttar 117416 piles on your desk. Sort them into your files. Use stacking baskets, file cabinets, and rolling files to keep things organized.

Pick a City - any City

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Operating your own city guide onrepparttar 117409 Web can be interesting and very profitable. Almost every city already has at least one city guide. But there is always room for one more. For example, I live near Phoenix, Arizona. I could call my site "The Best Guide to Phoenix", "The Official Guide to Phoenix", or "The Complete Guide to Phoenix".

How do you generate revenue from a city guide? 1. You charge a fee to list restaurants, accommodations, and other businesses that are located inrepparttar 117410 city. 2. You sell books and videos aboutrepparttar 117411 city, and city souvenirs and mementos.

You should develop your city guide in phases.

Phase 1. Createrepparttar 117412 non-commercial sections ofrepparttar 117413 Web site. Some cities, like Chicago and New York, are popular for their cultural attractions. Some cities, like Phoenix, are popular for nearby natural attractions. Some cities are popular for their artisans, monuments, or history. Create an attractive front page that displays photographs related torepparttar 117414 unique attractions ofrepparttar 117415 city.

Develop an "Attractions" section of your Web site. You might also want to develop a "Maps" section. When you have a reasonable amount of content, begin promoting your city guide to start generating some traffic.

Phase 2. Createrepparttar 117416 commercial sections ofrepparttar 117417 Web site. You should develop an "Accommodations" section, a "Restaurants" section, and a "Businesses" section. You might also want to develop a "Search" section.

Contact allrepparttar 117418 large businesses that you want to list in your city guide and offer them free listing. Yes - free. In order to get things rolling, you will have to fill uprepparttar 117419 commercial sections by offering free listing. Don't tell them you are going start charging as soon as you getrepparttar 117420 sections filled out.

This is how you approachrepparttar 117421 business owners; "I'm developing a new city guide web site and I'm listing every important business inrepparttar 117422 city for free. Can you provide me with some information about your establishment?" People have less resistance to free, and this will get you access torepparttar 117423 decision makers ofrepparttar 117424 businesses.

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