Feminism - They ate of the fruit and they knew they were naked...

Written by NoDNC.com staff

The article title is adapted fromrepparttar story inrepparttar 150021 Bible, Genesis Chapter 3 verses 6 and 7. It is fascinating at just how close that Biblical passage is torepparttar 150022 evil of feminism today. Just as Eve destroyed her family's future throughrepparttar 150023 serpent's deception, feminism is destroying women and families throughoutrepparttar 150024 Western World.

Women have been deceived, lied to and misled, byrepparttar 150025 feminist movement. The feminist movement has NOTHING to do with freedom for women, it seeks to enslave them while lying to them that they can have freedom. Just likerepparttar 150026 serpent lied to Eve. One of feminism's primary goals is to destroy women's families, EVEN AGAINST THEIR WISHES and by force if necessary.

Today, study after study shows that women are less fulfilled by trading in a family for work. I don't know of any working mother who wouldn't love to stay home with their children rather than leave them at day care. But they continue to eat ofrepparttar 150027 forbidden fruit.

Vegan Shoes

Written by Anna Wilde

For vegans, some ethical quetions come into play when shopping for shoes. It isn't just about which Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choos looks best. It's about which shoes causerepparttar least amount of harm to our animal friends.

One ofrepparttar 149926 most difficult aspects of being a vegan is finding shoes that are not made of leather. For women with a sense of fashion, this can be a challenge. There's a misconception that vegans are all hippies who don't mind wearing Birkenstocks allrepparttar 149927 time. The truth is, many of us love sexy sandals and knee-high boots just like our carnivorous sisters.

So what to do? Finding cruelty-free shoes isn't as hard as it sounds. These days, more and more companies are catering to those with a cruelty-free fashion sense. Ten years ago, vegan shoes all lookedrepparttar 149928 same. Nowadays, there is a wider variety from which to choose.

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