Fell Of Good Golf

Written by Jose L. Gonzalez

Youve heard it said dozens of times. Golf is a game of “feel”. You just know instinctively when somethings right or wrong for you.

It sounds a little confusing, doesnt it? Lets try to take that vague feeling and put it into words and action.

First off, lets addressrepparttar technique of swinging with all your might. If you swing really hard, then you cant getrepparttar 148772 feel of a correctly hit ball and your muscles dont learnrepparttar 148773 feel of correct balance. When players haverepparttar 148774 feel ofrepparttar 148775 shot, their muscles and sense of touch are tuned in torepparttar 148776 correct gauge and balance and they just know they can hitrepparttar 148777 ball.

When you want to lunge atrepparttar 148778 ball, your power should be developed by twisting your body. If you learn this, it wont take 3 or 4 years before youre hittingrepparttar 148779 ball a good distance. When you keep failing with a certain shot, just stop and think what youre doing, what youre trying to accomplish. Dont try any certain method unless you have a definite purpose for using it.

Always rememberrepparttar 148780 basics. Think in your mind how it feels to prepare properly for a shot.

One important point is that its not necessary to feelrepparttar 148781 power duringrepparttar 148782 stroke. You want to swing easily. Itsrepparttar 148783 energy thats transferred torepparttar 148784 ball that counts. Get rid of every little detail that destroys your balance and youll get onrepparttar 148785 right track. Cut out everything thats not comfortable. Your ability to keep your balance and be comfortable isrepparttar 148786 measure ofrepparttar 148787 amount of power you can use successfully. Many players lift their heads atrepparttar 148788 last instant. This doesnt add power torepparttar 148789 stroke. It actually takes power away from it.

Golfer: Keep An Eye on The Ball

Written by Jose L. Gonzalez

You hear this mantra in every sport keep your eye onrepparttar ball! Its a perfect chant forrepparttar 148771 golf player at every turn. If you cant seerepparttar 148772 ball clearly, your chances of hitting it are slim to none!

When you look atrepparttar 148773 ball, you want to keep your eyes on one spot. Dont look at your club to see if its squared torepparttar 148774 ball. Dont let your eye followrepparttar 148775 club as you draw it away

Just focus onrepparttar 148776 ball nothing else.

Also, when you look atrepparttar 148777 ball, try to get a birds eye view of it. Your eyes are about a foot aboverepparttar 148778 pivotal center so raising your shoulders isnt going to help you seerepparttar 148779 ball better. Dont gaze atrepparttar 148780 ball alongrepparttar 148781 line ofrepparttar 148782 shaft of your club. Look down onrepparttar 148783 ball rather than get your angles alongrepparttar 148784 shaft. This will give you much better results and you wont have a tendency to look up too soon.

Now, theres a natural tendency in everyone to look away when you start to drawrepparttar 148785 club back. Ignore that tendency and just keep looking down on top ofrepparttar 148786 ball.

When you're looking down you'll notice that (if youre leaning over properly)repparttar 148787 only way you can keeprepparttar 148788 club head inrepparttar 148789 line of flight is to keep your hands moving along parallel with that line. Sweep your hands along withrepparttar 148790 club head whilerepparttar 148791 ball and head are in contact.

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