Fears, Anxieties, Depression, OCD, Panic Attacks And Your Stresses

Written by Stan Popovich

What do you do when your fears, anxieties, and depression are stronger than what you can handle? There are times that no matter what you do, your fears haverepparttar best of you. As a result, here is a brief list of techniques that a person can use to help manage their every day anxieties, stresses, and fears.

When facing a current or upcoming task that overwhelms you with a lot of anxiety, dividerepparttar 148028 task into a series of smaller steps and then complete each ofrepparttar 148029 smaller tasks one at a time. Completing these smaller tasks will makerepparttar 148030 stress more manageable and increases your chances of success.

Sometimes we get stressed out when everything happens all at once. When this happens, take a deep breathe and try to find something to do for a few minutes to get your mind off ofrepparttar 148031 problem. A person can get some fresh air, listen to some music, or do an activity that will give them a fresh perspective on things.

Sometimes we encounter a scary situation that gets us all upset. When encountering these events, always remember to get all ofrepparttar 148032 facts ofrepparttar 148033 given situation. Gatheringrepparttar 148034 facts can prevent us from relying on exaggerated and fearful assumptions. By focusing onrepparttar 148035 facts, a person can rely on what is reality and what is not.

In dealing with your anxieties, learn to take it one day at a time. Instead of worrying about how you will get throughrepparttar 148036 rest ofrepparttar 148037 week, try to focus on today. Each day can provide us with different opportunities to learn new things and that includes learning how to deal with your problems. You never know whenrepparttar 148038 answers you are looking for will come to your doorstep. We may be ninety-nine percent correct in predictingrepparttar 148039 future, but all it takes is for that one percent to make a world of difference.

Focus~ Are You On Track?

Written by Beth Tabak

“If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you'll be unhappy forrepparttar rest of your life.” Abraham H. Maslow Moving beyond limits to grow business or improve lifestyle takes focus, concentrated attention. Sorepparttar 147989 question becomes are you focused and taking action onrepparttar 147990 things that will generate a life you can feel enthusiastic about. Get out paper and pen, and follow these 3 essentials to get your attention on what makes a difference.

1- Declutter your Head~ Get “to do’s” out of your head and into a system. Once completed you’ll realize why you felt scattered. Just as your computer slows up when packed full of information… so does your brain. Maintain a task list on paper (you can pick one up at http://www.StartingNowCoaching.com or use a tech planning system such as a palm handheld, software, etc. Categorize your life’s departments such as Personal, Home, Business or Work, and any other roles that exhaust your time. List “to do’s” with deadlines. Don’t be concerned withrepparttar 147991 list length. Just get it out of your head.

2- Determine Your Deepest Desire~ With an uncluttered mind imagine yourself age 85 with a terminal illness spending lots of time alone thinking back on how you did things. In order to end your life feeling good about how you lived with few regrets ponder this scenario. On your paper answerrepparttar 147992 following with regards to what you want to be thinking at age 85 (NOTE: not necessarily how things have been up until this point).

How did you make decisions throughout your life? How did you spend your time? How did you nourish your mind, body, & spirit? How did you relate to others? What were your dreams? What are you proud of? What was most fun and made you so happy? How did your actions serverepparttar 147993 world? What was most rewarding and brought great fulfillment? In reviewingrepparttar 147994 above responses, what is your deepest desire that needs your clear attention? Write it down and commit it to memory.

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