Fearless Golf

Written by Jose L. Gonzalez

The person who is relaxed and confident plays a better game of golf than one whose knees are shaking atrepparttar thought of sand traps. Fear is one thing you never want to take with you torepparttar 148768 driving range.

Problems with a good player are almost always mental in nature. Thinking clearly really isrepparttar 148769 name ofrepparttar 148770 game. And a clear head is impossible when fear reigns.

So if you change how you think, you change your game. Dont worry whyrepparttar 148771 ball flew where it did. Just keep your mind focused onrepparttar 148772 next shot.

One ofrepparttar 148773 big problems for some folks is that they constantly worry about what others will think of them if they make a bad shot. If youre thinking about how someone else is going to perceive you, youre not concentrating onrepparttar 148774 ball, on your swing, onrepparttar 148775 basics.

Must you haverepparttar 148776 approval of others? Inrepparttar 148777 grand scheme of life, is hitting a bad shot truly a disaster you can never overcome?

Psychologists tell us that we tend to become a composite ofrepparttar 148778 five persons were aroundrepparttar 148779 most. Maybe you need to find some more relaxed folks to practice with.

Playing with a perfectionist translates into “no fun”. Why ruinrepparttar 148780 joy ofrepparttar 148781 game for yourself? Find friends you can playrepparttar 148782 game with just forrepparttar 148783 pure enjoyment. Your game will likely improve as youre less tense and able to swing more freely.

One help in this aspect of overcoming fear is to concentrate solely on your game. Ben Hogan wrote that “to ignorerepparttar 148784 gallery andrepparttar 148785 other golfers, and to shut my mind against everything but my own game” was key to his concentration.

Golf on a Budget

Written by Jose L. Gonzalez

I know what youre thinking golf on a budget! Can there be such a thing? Well, it is possible, if you take a balanced, objective look atrepparttar strategies used in marketing golf products.

Case in point I just interviewed a local golf shop owner today. We were talking aboutrepparttar 148767 new golf balls, and he was telling me that representatives from different companies send him golf balls to use, hoping that hell recommend them to his customers.

Well, he said hes tried just about everything, and in his opinion, they all play aboutrepparttar 148768 same now. Picking up a box of 12 Titleist balls, he said, “This one is probablyrepparttar 148769 best.” They cost $24.99 forrepparttar 148770 dozen. Then he laughed and picked up another box. “But this one is our best seller.”

The box was priced $44.99 forrepparttar 148771 dozen. I looked surprised. He shook his head and said, “Its all hype. People think that ifrepparttar 148772 balls cost double, theyre bound to play better.”

Now we haverepparttar 148773 new hybrid ironwoods. Are they really going to change your game that much? Or is it all a part ofrepparttar 148774 marketing pitch?

I heard one marketer say that sincerepparttar 148775 golf market was so saturated, he priced his clubs at three timesrepparttar 148776 price of anyone elses. And he sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth. The clubs werent any more expensive to make than other clubs. It was just a “market test”. And folks bought like crazy.

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