Favorite Desserts For Diabetic Husbands

Written by Abigail Baker

It's easier than you think to create delicious desserts for your diabetic husband. When I had to get right down to itrepparttar ideas came flying at me out of my kitchen cupboard!

Here's a few of his favorites:

Easy Orange/Banana Parfait

1 pkge Lite Orange Jello (no sugar) 2 cups vanilla yogurt (fat free, no sugar but artificially sweetened) 1/2 tsp vanilla 2 tsp Splenda 1 banana 1/8 cup Lite cream cheese Makes 4 servings

Preparerepparttar 113094 jello perrepparttar 113095 package directions. When it is partially set, slice and drop your banana pieces intorepparttar 113096 jello and mix gently sorepparttar 113097 banana pieces are covered byrepparttar 113098 jelly. Leave to set firm inrepparttar 113099 refrigerator.

Beatrepparttar 113100 remaining ingredients well together and set aside inrepparttar 113101 fridge.

Just before dinner put your dessert together. I use parfait glasses, they add torepparttar 113102 fun and look ofrepparttar 113103 dessert.

Drop a dollop of yogurt mixture intorepparttar 113104 bottom of each of 4 dishes and a scoop ofrepparttar 113105 jello and thenrepparttar 113106 yogurt mix again and so on torepparttar 113107 top.

I have tried different flavors and different fruit, but, hubby likesrepparttar 113108 orange bananarepparttar 113109 best.

Helen's Homemade Sheperds Pie

Written by Helen Porter

Helen's Homemade Sheperds Pie - Serves 4

Shepherd's pie (or 'cottage pie' it should more properly be called - real 'shepherds pie' is made with lamb!) is one ofrepparttar all-time favorite 'comfort' foods. On a cold winter's night, nothing is as welcome as a big plate of well made shepherd's pie, with some crusty bread - or at least that's what we believe here at www.helensrecipes.com !. And making it is nowhere near as difficult as you might imagine - in fact, I actually know MEN who can make a passable shepherd's pie! :-). Let's begin withrepparttar 113093 ingredients.

500g Leaned Beef Mince 1 white and 1 red Onion - diced Carrot, washed and diced Portobello Mushroom, 1/2 large diced Worcester Sauce - few dashes are needed Ketchup or tomato puree - 1 table spoon Tabasco sauce - few drops Stock Cube x 2 Beef in 1pint hot water Salt & Pepper Mash Potato for topping - Check out our rustic mash potato recipe!

Fry offrepparttar 113094 onions in a little sunflower oil until transparent - probably around 8 minutes on a medium gas flame. Once cooked put to one side. Fryrepparttar 113095 mince - not all at once - fry off a little at a time sealrepparttar 113096 meat and gently colour. Once allrepparttar 113097 mince is cooked put into a shallow saucepan, addrepparttar 113098 diced mushrooms & carrots (uncooked) plus allrepparttar 113099 juices fromrepparttar 113100 pan you used forrepparttar 113101 frying. Add 2 beef stock cubes (dissolved in hot water). Cover and leave to simmer.

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