Father Ernetti and The Philosopher's Stone

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

And there will be many ‘experts’ who say that light speed is still not transcendable or that time is linear and it is not possible to do many things that I posit in these pages, I know. I offer up this site to these people and say thatrepparttar whole truth of what Black Ops and other agents of real knowledge pursue is not underrepparttar 145757 control of NASA or The Smithsonian and other public or relatively transparent structure of academia and government. Here is a site worth looking into that discusses some ofrepparttar 145758 things that many have known for a long time. It does not includerepparttar 145759 Catholic scholar/physicist who reportedly has developed a chronovisor in conjunction with Werner von Braun and Fermi’s inputs that would be similar to one thingrepparttar 145760 Philosopher’s Stone could achieve (http://www.lerc.nasa.gov/WWW/bpp/TM-107289.htm).

“Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti (1925-1994) was a Benedictine priest, scientist, and world-class authority on "archaic" music (pre-Christian to 10th century A.D.). He claimed to have yoked quantum physics torepparttar 145761 occult arts to construct a time-machine--repparttar 145762 chronovisor. Father Ernetti said he had traveled to Rome in 169 B.C. to witness a performance ofrepparttar 145763 now-lost tragedy, Thyestes, byrepparttar 145764 father of Latin poetry, Quintus Ennius. He claimed to have usedrepparttar 145765 chronovisor to watch Christ dying onrepparttar 145766 cross. Why would so distinguished a churchman have feltrepparttar 145767 need to confabulate such a story? Isrepparttar 145768 Vatican suppressingrepparttar 145769 full truth of Father Ernetti’s life and achievements?” (1)

It is correct to say there are many impressions of whatrepparttar 145770 Philosopher's Stone is or whatrepparttar 145771 'Great Work' of The Philosopher's might truly be. There probably have been some that are considered alchemists who have misledrepparttar 145772 general public about it at various times due torepparttar 145773 Inquisitions just as was true with another ofrepparttar 145774 quests ofrepparttar 145775 alchemist. I refer in this instance torepparttar 145776 homonunclus or artificial man that was made by Thomas Aquinas and his mentor and one-time Dominican bishop Frater Albertus Magnus. They were almost as Divinely Inspired as Constantine in their answer torepparttar 145777 agents ofrepparttar 145778 heresy trial they were about to face.

Nostradamus 'Saw'

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Nostradamus ‘Saw’:

The Luciferians arerepparttar inner cabal ofrepparttar 144998 Vatican according to Malachi Martin (And have been for a long time as I have demonstrated in other books.). They created that fiction about 'forrepparttar 144999 good of mankind' which led to Salvation after Jesus was crucified. They have grown rich beyond their wildest imaginations asrepparttar 145000 benefits of special dispensations and confessionals have poured in to their coffers. They have been given large amounts ofrepparttar 145001 land as well as special tax status that their Divine Kings share.

Chopra wrote about Merlin as an analogy of sorts; but Merlin (Who prophesized Joan of Arc for one.) may well have been a name ofrepparttar 145002 advisor/sorcerer to a Arthurian Merovingian king that archaeology shows did live on Cadbury Hill. The Royal Stuart and Merovingian group when joined in social engineering efforts like religion or The Royal Society arerepparttar 145003 Hibernians. I think Arthur ofrepparttar 145004 real legend was from a far earlier time; butrepparttar 145005 creation ofrepparttar 145006 Grail fiction byrepparttar 145007 Hibernian who foundedrepparttar 145008 Cistercian Order is a Luciferian myth. This is Bernard of Clairvaux and later we have another well known occultist participating withrepparttar 145009 Borgias/De Medicis inrepparttar 145010 founding ofrepparttar 145011 Jesuits byrepparttar 145012 Alumbrados (bringers of light). The Hibernian involved withrepparttar 145013 Borgias/De Medicis inrepparttar 145014 founding ofrepparttar 145015 Jesuits was Nostradamus. Bernard was a double agent inrepparttar 145016 ‘play both ends againstrepparttar 145017 middle’ game they play. He sat onrepparttar 145018 Inquisitor Panels and yet helped Chrétien de Troyes write a Parsifal tale. But if Nostradamus had a “stone’ to seerepparttar 145019 future as we see onrepparttar 145020 cover of books about him; who else in their number had this awesome tool? Let us considerrepparttar 145021 words of John Dominic Crossan of De Paul University for some historical insight into Divination.

“Magic as Religious Banditry

Recall from earlier how Eric Hobsbawm’s concept ofrepparttar 145022 Robin Hood element in social banditry was severely criticized by Anton Blok. Blok was, I argued, superficially correct but profoundly wrong. Bandits may seldom robrepparttar 145023 rich and give torepparttar 145024 poor and even more seldom robrepparttar 145025 rich to give torepparttar 145026 poor, butrepparttar 145027 validity and perdurance ofrepparttar 145028 Robin Hood mystique is based firmly onrepparttar 145029 fact that they do robrepparttar 145030 monopoly of violence fromrepparttar 145031 rich and distribute it torepparttar 145032 poor, and, more significantly, they rob aristocratic and structural violence ofrepparttar 145033 veneer of morality under which it operates. They forcerepparttar 145034 question: what isrepparttar 145035 moral difference between a gang and an army, a peasant bandit onrepparttar 145036 make and an imperial entrepreneur onrepparttar 145037 throne.

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