Father's Day

Written by Dr. Dorree Lynn



My father wanted a son. I understood that fromrepparttar time I could intuit those secret messages that children know without knowing they know. My dad loved me. I also knew that. But, raising a daughter was foreign to him. Certainly, it wasn’t his first choice. So, inrepparttar 126291 ways that a child tries to please a parent, I tried to please him, to fulfill and give him what he wished for. It worked up to a point. Although in later years he was proud of me, for most of our life together, he was never comfortable around me.

Baseball was king in New York City when I was a small child, and although my dad was an inveterate Dodger’s fan, we lived nearrepparttar 126292 Yankee Stadium and it was there we bonded as much as we were ever able to. Warm weekends, when he was free, we went torepparttar 126293 game. I looked forward to going with him. The hotdog vendors, and cotton candy, peanuts and allrepparttar 126294 junk food my mother never knew about — a shared secret that maderepparttar 126295 day just that much sweeter, that much more special. Sometimes he remembered how small I was and he reached out to hold my hand. Sometimes, he got caught up inrepparttar 126296 excitement ofrepparttar 126297 game, forgetting he had a young daughter to take care of. I understood that too, and in those moments I reached up to touch his hand, sometimes wrapping my small fingers around his larger ones, reminding him of my presence.

I learnedrepparttar 126298 game well along withrepparttar 126299 roster of great Yankee and Dodger players, with a few others thrown in: Yogi Berra, Pee Wee Reese, Joe DiMaggio, Whitey Ford, Satchel Paige and of course,repparttar 126300 heroic Jackie Robinson. I watchedrepparttar 126301 plays,repparttar 126302 miraculously caught high pop fly balls,repparttar 126303 catcher (Yogi) always in control,repparttar 126304 umps calling their balls and strikes,repparttar 126305 seventh inning stretch when I was more than ready to go home. And, sometimes, a shared ice cream sundae, one more secret indulgence, before returning home.

YOU are in control! YOU are responsible!

Written by Noel Peebles

Do you ever think to yourself, "I can't do that?" Most likely, it is your present beliefs that may be causing you to doubt your own abilities. After all, repparttar only thing that can ever stop you from doing or getting anything is a thought.

· I'd better not try that.

· I don't have a chance to win this one.

· They'd probably turn me down anyway.

· I can't see it working.

· I doubt she'd go out with me.

· What if I call him and he says no?

I could list thousands of these tension building and confidence destroying instructions. Many of us wash these types of negative instructions through our brains every day. It's no wonder we are afraid to try new things.

We always lose when we expect to. Which is why we did. It's self-fulfilling. Expect failure and get failure. Which in turn breeds more expectation of failure.

If you want to change your situation andrepparttar 126290 results you are currently getting - you first have to change your beliefs. This means changing your mental conditioning to getrepparttar 126291 results you want.

If you set yourself up to expect success - you will achieve more success - and so breeding more expectations of success. It starts by telling ourselves that we can do it. It is about making things work rather than focusing on what we can't do and telling ourselves we can't. The basic concept is really that simple, but extremely powerful.

Not all your results will change instantly, but some will. I mean, it's not like a million dollars is going to appear out of thin air. But, if you really do want a million dollars, you can have it. However, firstly you have to believe that it is possible.

It is a bit like a farmer planting seeds; he doesn't expectrepparttar 126292 crop to pop out ofrepparttar 126293 groundrepparttar 126294 instant he waters it. He expects to nurture it and work at making his crop a reality. Nor does a woman who conceives a baby expect it to be born immediately (thank goodness for that), without some sacrifice or effort.

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