Fat Dogs - How To Get Overweight Dogs to Diet and Slim Down Without Whining

Written by LittleDog

Obesity in dogs is a growing problem, which can cause many problems including heart disease, joint problems, and diabetes. Almost half of dogs in America are fat, especially beagles, dachshunds, basset hounds, and Labrador retrievers. Before your dog reachesrepparttar point where they need insulin shots, you can slim them down. It will take almost a year, but it’s worth it.

Even puppies shouldn’t be overweight – all dogs need to be slim, not fat, to be healthy. A dog is atrepparttar 141875 right weight if you can feelrepparttar 141876 ribs without excess fat covering. Fromrepparttar 141877 side,repparttar 141878 dog’s belly should be tucked up, and from above, there should be a noticeable waist in front ofrepparttar 141879 hips. When you feel his ribs, they should be shallow indents which you can count, although you shouldn’t be able to count them just by looking.

A major cause of overweight dogs is feeding them table scraps. While it is fun to feed your dog leftover food, there are serious consequences. One is, of course, thatrepparttar 141880 dog will become unsure of who isrepparttar 141881 alpha inrepparttar 141882 family. The alpha isrepparttar 141883 one who eats first, and ifrepparttar 141884 dog is being fed before or duringrepparttar 141885 meal,repparttar 141886 hierarchy ofrepparttar 141887 family becomes unclear. Also, table scraps may not providerepparttar 141888 right nutrition for a dog. For example, many dogs fed table scraps can get vitamin A toxicity, and excess protein and phosphorus. If a dog is fed exclusively table scraps, they usually won’t get enough calcium and can get over-activity ofrepparttar 141889 parathyroid glands.

To reducerepparttar 141890 weight of fat dogs, one option is to just keep torepparttar 141891 same feeding schedule, but feedrepparttar 141892 dog less, starting by feedingrepparttar 141893 dog only ¾ as much as you do now. This option, however, can produce a dog that whines a lot, so many owners can add bulky vegetables torepparttar 141894 food. You can also get special low-calorie foods, which are high in bulk sorepparttar 141895 dog feels better fed. Dogs don’t usually like low-calorie foods, but they will eventually eat it and get used to it.

Another option, which can keeprepparttar 141896 whining down, is to changerepparttar 141897 feeding schedule to twice a day instead of once a day. Never leave food out all day long. Treats need to stop being given, but instead of a treat, overweight dogs can be fed one ofrepparttar 141898 two small meals. If you really want to give your dog a treat, use a carrot or an apple.

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking – Training Your Dog To Keep Quiet

Written by LittleDog

Quieting a barking dog is a quick and easy process. Really. It also doesn’t cost any money. But it’s not an obvious process - witnessrepparttar many dogs barking allrepparttar 141874 time in parks, backyards on street corners, with their owners tugging at their leash and yelling at them andrepparttar 141875 dogs completely ignoring their commands. My dog was driving me crazy until I learned how to stop his barking.

My dog barked and whined allrepparttar 141876 time, and it was a breed (husky), that was known for making a lot of noise. The situation was especially bad whenrepparttar 141877 doorbell rang or he saw strangers. It was almost impossible to stop him once he started, and if there was another dog involved, forget it – my dog would yap his head off untilrepparttar 141878 dogs were separated and out of sight.

One weekend, though, my friend came over to visit. She worked atrepparttar 141879 Chicago Zoo and knew animals better than anyone I had ever seen. In an hour she had my dog completely quiet, and she taught me how to do it, too. One hour to solve a problem that was driving me crazy forrepparttar 141880 last three years!

The secret is not intuitive. First you teachrepparttar 141881 dog to bark(!) I thought my friend was insane when she told me this. Obviously my dog knew how to bark because he barked and whined allrepparttar 141882 time. But she explained that while my dog barked a lot, he couldn’t bark on command. First she taught him to bark on command, and then she taught him to be quiet on command. The whole process took less than an hour. My dog is pretty smart, so it may take your dog longer, but still, it’s an incredibly effective technique, and now, two years later, my dog still doesn’t give me trouble. What a great afternoon!

There are two elements at work here: positive reinforcement and intermittent reinforcement. Positive reinforcement teachesrepparttar 141883 behavior, and intermittent reinforcement keepsrepparttar 141884 behavior permanent. Negative reinforcement is just not a strong inducer of behavior. Negative reinforcement like shock collars or saying “No” does work to a certain extent, but studies have shown it to be about 10 times less effective than positive reinforcement. Everything she did was very clear and precise, which was much ofrepparttar 141885 reason she got her results so quickly. Your results may vary, butrepparttar 141886 clearer and more precise you can make everything,repparttar 141887 better. First, go on a long walk with your dog to get him a lot of exercise. Your dog can’t learn when he’s all riled up.

Teaching your dog to bark: Then get a box of treats. Then look at your dog. When he barks, immediately praise him and give him a treat. Don’t let any time elapse betweenrepparttar 141888 bark andrepparttar 141889 treat. Pretty soon he’ll be barking a lot. Right now,repparttar 141890 behavior is coming beforerepparttar 141891 cue. Shaperepparttar 141892 behavior first, and then add your cue.

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