Fat Burning Tips

Written by Gary Gresham

These fat burning tips can help you discover a fat burning secret that works well. The fat burning process is a matter of proper dieting andrepparttar correct exercise and training techniques. Remember, everyone's body is different and not all techniques work for everyone. Consistency isrepparttar 140301 key, so give your body a chance to adjust with time torepparttar 140302 changes. It may take a while to see results butrepparttar 140303 end result is worth it. A good fat burning tip is adjust your current diet by reducing your calories and limit your salt intake to reduce your fat. Excessive sodium combined with fat can cause your body to retain water which in turn causes weight gain and body fat. Be sure and watchrepparttar 140304 sodium levels inrepparttar 140305 seasonings you cook with, they can be well hidden and sneak up on you. Some of these fat burning tips may sound too simple to be true. But they go back torepparttar 140306 basics of what works. Burning fat is all about using up more calories than you take in. Learn to substitute lower calorie foods forrepparttar 140307 high calorie ones you are use to eating. Another good fat burning tip is learn not to eat, at least, 2 hours before you go to bed, You'll be amazed at what this simple tip alone can do for keeping your weight down. Eating anything before you go to bed means you'll be wearing that as fat. Think about that next time you want a late night snack.

Prescription Without The Pharmacy

Written by Sherri L Dodd

After several months of noticing consistent weight gain, a thirty-five year old woman decides to visit her doctor. She is amazed thatrepparttar extra weight seems to have come from out ofrepparttar 140246 blue and proclaims her diet has never been a problem before now? She wondered if it could be her thyroid (a frequent complaint of her mother’s). Or maybe pregnancy? Even worse, could it be some chronic condition? And, forget about what it could be, what couldrepparttar 140247 doctor give her to loserepparttar 140248 weight and regain her energetic zest? After a thorough checkup and confirmed lab results,repparttar 140249 doctor found nothing of concern, but did write Mary a prescription – one mile of walking per day, five times a week.

This action is not so absurd. According torepparttar 140250 Archives of Internal Medicine, more and more doctors are being encouraged by their industry’s board of superiors to write prescriptions of exercise for their patients, especially those with obesity issues. And fortunately, they are conceding.

The estimated figure of premature death rate resulting from obesity-related afflictions (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) is 300,000 per year. This equates to healthcare costs of up to $90 billion! There would be a substantial drop in these cases if patients would participate in physical activity. Not only would it help to lower their body weight, it could among many things, lower high risk factors of heart disease such as high cholesterol and hypertension.

Since individuals seek out medical advice long before they consider assistance from a personal trainer,repparttar 140251 measure arguedrepparttar 140252 importance of doctors condoningrepparttar 140253 use of exercise to assist with obesity problems. Withrepparttar 140254 medical field supportingrepparttar 140255 notion of a fitness program, it serves as reinforcement forrepparttar 140256 general population of Americans to make exercise an essential part of their lives.

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