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Written by Jacqueline Biles - New York Shopping Mall

New fashions in clothing are constantly changing, and everyone searches for a sale. A fashion statement is similar torepparttar type of car you drive, andrepparttar 150364 type of business card you present to a client. It must be of quality andrepparttar 150365 appearance must express this at a glance. Everyone requires quality in clothing, jewelry, cars or whatever they should decide to purchase. The problem isrepparttar 150366 ability to afford quality! We at New York Shopping Mall are trying to solve this problem for

The Name You Give Your Child

Written by Susan Dunn. MA, The EQ Coach

Circulatingrepparttar Internet not long ago was a wonderful piece on children’s definitions of love. One child said, “I know someone loves me when my name feels safe in their mouth.” There’s nothing sweeter than to hear our name in love. Naming your child is one ofrepparttar 150174 first important acts you perform for them. Naming things gives us a sense of mastery. Rememberrepparttar 150175 Creation story inrepparttar 150176 Bible? It’s all about naming things, and about creating order out of chaos. To be named gives us a sense of self. Rememberrepparttar 150177 first time your toddler named himself by his own name –repparttar 150178 great “I am.” My friends’ son announced one day, “I go store and I ARE JOHN.”

But what “self” are you giving your child when you name him or her?

Steven D. Levitt, talks about names in his book “Freakonomics.” He quotes a family court judge who couldn’t help but notice “the strange names borne by some offenders,” like Temptress, a girl who was charged with “ungovernable behavior,” which included bringing men intorepparttar 150179 home whilerepparttar 150180 mother was at work. He tookrepparttar 150181 mother aside and asked her why she had named her daughter Temptress. She said she likedrepparttar 150182 actress on The Cosby Show. The judge informed herrepparttar 150183 actress’ name was actually Tempestt Bledsoe (not that I’d name a daughter “Tempest” either!). She said she hadn’t known that atrepparttar 150184 time.

Then he askedrepparttar 150185 mother if she knew whatrepparttar 150186 word “temptress” meant. She said she hadn’t atrepparttar 150187 time, but found out later.

The judge mentioned another family that gave their child a madeup name – fromrepparttar 150188 acronym ofrepparttar 150189 hospital whererepparttar 150190 child was born.

One would imagine these folks put more time and thought into choosing a car than in choosing their child’s name.

Levitt talks about names that have economic repercussions,repparttar 150191 point being that while some parents make up names for their children, most names inrepparttar 150192 US come from other languages and have meanings and/or connotations. These meanings are inrepparttar 150193 collective unconscious (Jungian term), even if, like Temptress’ mother, you are mindless.

I’m reminded ofrepparttar 150194 child psychologist who told me he was seeing a girl who was an identical twin. The parents had namedrepparttar 150195 twin girls Sugar and Spice. Guess which one was in counseling?

What you name your children is important, in itself and also in terms of sibling rivalry. Let’s take for example when there are two sons. This issue is confronted head-on whenrepparttar 150196 British refer to Henry and Will as “the heir andrepparttar 150197 spare.”

In patrilineal cultures,repparttar 150198 possessions belong torepparttar 150199 father and when he dies, they go torepparttar 150200 firstborn son. In feudal times,repparttar 150201 first son gotrepparttar 150202 land andrepparttar 150203 title and was a lord,repparttar 150204 second son went intorepparttar 150205 military, andrepparttar 150206 third son (having no possessions whatsoever) went intorepparttar 150207 monastery. We honor this old idea when we namerepparttar 150208 first son “Jr.” The idea is thatrepparttar 150209 first son is more important somehow.

I looked uprepparttar 150210 meanings ofrepparttar 150211 names of some ofrepparttar 150212 first and second sons I know and look what I came up with. Watchrepparttar 150213 progression from a name with an aggressive meaning, torepparttar 150214 name of a neutral or inanimate object, to something spiritual.

Gerald – spear warrior John – gift of God

Neil – champion Samuel – asked of God, or God listens

Rod – famous ruler Brad – fromrepparttar 150215 broad meadow

Marshall – keeper of horses Chester – fromrepparttar 150216 fortified camp

Neil – champion Bruce – woodlands

Robert – bright fame John – gift of God

Ronald – powerful, mighty Donald – brown stranger

Bryan –repparttar 150217 strong Kevin – gentle, lovable

Robert – bright fame John – gift of God

Doug – fromrepparttar 150218 dark water John – gift of God

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