Farm Expired Listings For Big Commissions

Written by Lanard Perry

Many real estate agents begin and sometimes sadly end their careers without a plan. And asrepparttar saying goes, failing to plan is as good as planning to fail.

Sure, some dorepparttar 150160 usual and expected things to cultivate new business, like mailing letters and post cards to friends and relatives, phoning acquaintances, and giving out business cards to any and everybody they meet.

Heck, some are courageous enough to "cold call" prospects,repparttar 150161 most dreaded of all tasks! And while all of these activities are good things to do, they don't necessarily translate into new business opportunities - now or later!

And while these may be good strategies you need more. But instead of working harder why not work smarter?

The most successful Realtors and Real Estate Agents have "lead generating systems." Some Farm Expired Listings for huge profits.

A good listing system can: ojump start new or average real estate sales career obring in real estate listings on a regular basis; week after week ogenerate prospective buyers and sellers ogive you marketing exposure in months rather than years oposition you to knowrepparttar 150162 best real estate investment buys

Personally, I love Expired Listing Systems and their laser beam like focus on warm, responsive sellers. Sellers that are typically still Realtor friendly, eager to sell and will do what it takes to get their properties sold.

Owners of expired listings are motivated for many reasons; double mortgages, vacant properties, terrible tenants, recently married and combining households, recently divorced and liquidating real estate assets, and on and on.

Branding Yourself To Increased Profitability"

Written by Lanard Perry

Successful Realtors knowrepparttar importance of branding their identities intorepparttar 150159 consciousness ofrepparttar 150160 communities in which they live, likerepparttar 150161 big boys; Pepsi, McDonald's, Burger King, and other companies we know and have come to trust.

Why is branding important? Think about it! When you want a soda do you buy an unknown off-brand just because it's cheap?

Or, do you reach for a Coke? I'm a Pepsi guy myself, but you get my drift!

And why do you do that? Because there's comfort in familiarity and you know what you're getting when you buy it.

We spend mega bucks on name brand products just because we've been inundated with their marketing campaign messages.

Don't believe me? Try this! Quick, who said "Have It Your Way"; "Soup and Sandwich, Soup and Sandwich"; "Oh, I wish I was an ____ ____ ____, that is what I truly want to Be…". Point made!

People support businesses and products that they are comfortably familiar with, even whenrepparttar 150162 familiarity is solely based on marketing campaigns, while avoidingrepparttar 150163 unknowns.

The same is true for homeowners wanting to list properties for sale with real estate agents. Unless there's a compelling reason to do so they're not going to list their property with a rookie agent, or worst yet somebody who's been inrepparttar 150164 business for years, but who hasn’t really been inrepparttar 150165 business. Know what I mean?

Now, we may not like it but we do understand it. Still, it's difficult for newly licensed and even some veteran real estate agents to make a living selling real estate because of it.

So how does this impact you? It doesn't if you have thousands of dollars and can afford a couple of years to get beyond it.

But if you're relatively new torepparttar 150166 profession and have limited resources you just might have a problem.

Established agents have already put in time and money cultivating their images, and when people in their respective communities want to buy or sell real estate they think of them – not you.

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