Fancy Colour Diamonds – Diamonds Come In All The Colours Of The Rainbow

Written by Caroline O'Shaughnessy

There may be nothing more beautiful thanrepparttar diamond. There’s a reason that these precious stones are so highly sought after andrepparttar 142124 reason is beauty. Something that a lot of people may not know is that diamonds come in colours other than white. Fancy colour diamonds are available in almost every colour imaginable and, whilerepparttar 142125 rarity of clolured diamonds makes them more expensive than white or colourless gems, they are nowhere near as costly as they once were.

Colour Me Impressed – Diamonds In Beautiful Natural Colour

Long ago coloured diamonds were far out of reach ofrepparttar 142126 average person. Only about one in every thousand diamonds mined is considered a fancy, others are diamonds that have inclusions that make them undesirable. This rarity inrepparttar 142127 fancy diamonds made them extremely valuable. It wasn’t until science found a way to create coloured diamonds fromrepparttar 142128 imperfect white stones thatrepparttar 142129 naturally coloured ones began to drop in price. This also loweredrepparttar 142130 popularity ofrepparttar 142131 fancy diamonds which further lowered their cost. Natural fancy colour diamonds are gaining in popularity once again and are no longer just forrepparttar 142132 wealthy.

Create a Story Book with Your Child

Written by Susanne Myers

Create a Story Book with Your Child

A fun way to build your child’s imagination

By Susanne Myers

Writing is still one of our major forms of communication as well as a great way to express ourselves. Creating a storybook with your child is a fun way to introduce him or her to creative writing. You will also get to spend a few hours of quality time together andrepparttar end result will become a family treasure for years to come.

All you need is a notebook, a pen, and anything else you and your child would like to use to illustrate a story. You can draw pictures together, or make a collage out of old photos and magazine cut outs. Of course you can also add stickers, glitter or anything else you can come up with.

But let’s start atrepparttar 142123 beginning. The idea is to come up with a story and to write it down inrepparttar 142124 notebook. If your child has never made up a story, she will need some guidance and help from you. Think about what she is interested in right now: dinosaurs, ponies, ballet; characters from a particular book or TV show, etc.

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