Fan the 4 Flames of Freedom

Written by Paul Siegel

On September 11, 2001, 4 freedom-hating zealots tried to snuff out repparttar 4 freedoms that arerepparttar 126063 foundation of, not onlyrepparttar 126064 U.S., but of all freedom-loving countries aroundrepparttar 126065 Globe. The terrorists hijacked 4 airplanes and crashed them into 3 of their 4 planned targets:repparttar 126066 Pentagon andrepparttar 126067 2 financial towers in New York. This attack shockedrepparttar 126068 U.S. and shockedrepparttar 126069 world. It produced death and destruction, anger and misery, defiance and calls for revenge.

Although some military strikes may be needed,repparttar 126070 best way to fight terrorism is by stoking and fanningrepparttar 126071 4 flames of freedom everywhere.

The 4 Freedoms are Attacked

Why wasrepparttar 126072 U.S. attacked? Becauserepparttar 126073 U.S. isrepparttar 126074 leader ofrepparttar 126075 free world. It stands for ideas which are contrary to what radical terrorists believe. They considerrepparttar 126076 U.S. to berepparttar 126077 devil that must be obliterated. What arerepparttar 126078 ideasrepparttar 126079 U.S. stands for? It stands for, it burns,repparttar 126080 4 flames of freedom:

1 - FREEDOM OF SPEECH - The terrorists haterepparttar 126081 idea of free speech. Free speech implies disrespect for authority. Free speech means you can utter blasphemies. Free speech means you can be subversive.

To freedom-loving countries, however, free speech is our strength. By criticizing authority we reduce corruption. By allowing people to speak freely about religion, we keep our spiritual environment strong. By allowing people to speak their mind, we learn to get along better with each other.

2 - FREEDOM OF RELIGION - The terrorists probably hate this freedom most of all. According to them there is only one religion and everyone inrepparttar 126082 world must agree with them and practice this religionrepparttar 126083 way THEY see it. They do not practice Islam, but a corrupted form of Islam. Islam does not advocate killing people whose beliefs are different from yours. Likerepparttar 126084 other big religions, it favors peaceful communication.

Inrepparttar 126085 U.S. and other freedom-loving countries, members of all repparttar 126086 major religions live together in harmony. Each person practices his or her religion as he or she sees fit. Like freedom of speech, freedom of religion builds true communities.

3 - FREEDOM OF SELF-GOVERNMENT (DEMOCRACY) - Terrorists are unqualifiably against democracy. They believe that "spiritual" leaders deserve a greater voice than others. The average citizen should do as he is told.

We, inrepparttar 126087 free world, relish our democracy. It means that everyone has rights as well as responsibilities. We argue constantly aboutrepparttar 126088 best way to do things. But, as a result, when we do make a decision, we support it. We realize, especially at a time like this, that we are all in this together. Democracy gives us unity.

4 - FREEDOM OF INDIVIDUAL OPPORTUNITY - Terrorists do not understand this concept. They believe one should subordinate oneself torepparttar 126089 group and to one's god. Thus they eagerly become martyrs.

Freedom-loving countries, especiallyrepparttar 126090 U.S., thrive on individual opportunity for all. This concept has led torepparttar 126091 growth of great corporations and to many rich citizens. Evenrepparttar 126092 very poor in freedom-loving count ries live better than many in poor countries that harbor terrorists.

Our Response

How shouldrepparttar 126093 U.S. and other freedom-loving countries respond torepparttar 126094 attack? Many seerepparttar 126095 start of a war. But no country has declared war. A network of terrorists is responsible forrepparttar 126096 atrocity. Some call what happened evil and that we should eliminate evil. This scares me. Who defines what is evil? The terrorists have definedrepparttar 126097 U.S. as evil and look what it has led to.

We are not fighting another country. Some military strikes may be needed to showrepparttar 126098 terrorists we mean business. But this fight will not be won by military means. Neither should we fight evil with another crusade. We are fighting a monstrous attack on our way of life. Therefore, we must:

The Impeachment of the President of the USA - Part III

Written by Sam Vaknin

AC : “Dysfunctional partnerships should be dissolved. The President should have divorced prior to indulging his sexual appetite. Sexual exclusivity is an integral – possiblyrepparttar most important – section ofrepparttar 126062 marriage contract. The President ignored his vows, dishonoured his word, breached his contract withrepparttar 126063 First Lady.”

DC : “People stay together only if they feel thatrepparttar 126064 foundation upon which they based their relationship is still sound. Mr. Clinton and Mrs. Clinton redefined their marriage to exclude sexual exclusivity, an impossibility underrepparttar 126065 circumstances. But they did not exclude companionship and friendship. It is here thatrepparttar 126066 President may have sinned, in lying to his best friend, his wife. Adultery is committed only when a party strays out ofrepparttar 126067 confines ofrepparttar 126068 marital contract. I postulate thatrepparttar 126069 President was well within his agreement with Mrs. Clinton when he sought sexual gratification elsewhere.”

AC : “Adultery is a sin not only againstrepparttar 126070 partner. The marriage contract is signed by three parties :repparttar 126071 man,repparttar 126072 woman and God between them. The President sinned against God. This cannot be ameliorated by any human approval or permission. Whether his wife accepted him as he is and disregarded his actions – is irrelevant. And if you are agnostic or an atheist, still you can replacerepparttar 126073 word ‘God’ byrepparttar 126074 words ‘Social Order’. President Clinton’s behaviour underminesrepparttar 126075 foundations of our social order. The family isrepparttar 126076 basic functional unit and its proper functioning is guaranteed byrepparttar 126077 security of sexual and emotional exclusivity. To be adulterous is to rebel against civilization. It is an act of high social and moral treason.”

DC : “While I may share your nostalgia – I am compelled to inform you that even nostalgia is not what it used to be. There is no such thing as ‘The Family’. There are a few competing models, some of them involving only a single person and his or her offspring. There is nothing to undermine. The social order is in such a flux that it is impossible to follow, let alone define or capture. Adultery is common. This could be a sign ofrepparttar 126078 times – orrepparttar 126079 victory of honesty and openness over pretension and hypocrisy. No one can cast a stone at President Clinton in this day and age.”

AC : “But that's precisely it ! The President is not a mirror, a reflection ofrepparttar 126080 popular will. Our President is a leader with awesome powers. These powers were given to him to enable him to set example, to bear a standard – to be a standard. I do demand of my President to be morally superior to me – and this is no hypocrisy. This is a job description. To lead, a leader needs to inspire shame and guilt through his model. People must look up to him, wish they were like him, hope, dream, aspire and conspire to be like him. A true leader provokes inner tumult, psychological conflicts, strong emotions – because he demandsrepparttar 126081 impossible throughrepparttar 126082 instance of his personality. A true leader moves people to sacrifice because he is worthy of their sacrifice, because he deserves it. He definitely does not set an example of moral disintegration, recklessness, short-sightedness and immaturity. The President is given unique power, status and privileges – only because he has been recognized as a unique and powerful and privileged individual. Whether such recognition has been warranted or not is what determinesrepparttar 126083 quality ofrepparttar 126084 presidency.”

DC : “Not being a leader, or having been misjudged byrepparttar 126085 voters to be one – do not constitute impeachable offences. I reject your view ofrepparttar 126086 presidency. It is too fascist for me, it echoes withrepparttar 126087 despicable Fuhrerprinzip. A leader is no different fromrepparttar 126088 people that elected him. A leader has strong convictions shared byrepparttar 126089 majority of his compatriots. A leader also hasrepparttar 126090 energy to implementrepparttar 126091 solutions that he proposes andrepparttar 126092 willingness to sacrifice certain aspects of his life (like his privacy) to do so. If a leader is a symbol of his people – then he must, in many ways, be like them. He cannot be as alien as you make him out to be. But then, if he is alien by virtue of being superior or by virtue of being possessed of superhuman qualities – how can we, mere mortals, judge him ? This isrepparttar 126093 logical fallacy in your argument : ifrepparttar 126094 President is a symbol, then he must be very much similar to us and we should not subject him to a judgement more severe thanrepparttar 126095 one meted to ourselves. Ifrepparttar 126096 President is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, or otherwise, superhuman – then he is above our ability to judge. And ifrepparttar 126097 President is a standard against whom we should calibrate our lives and actions – then he must reflectrepparttar 126098 mores of his times,repparttar 126099 kaleidoscopic nature ofrepparttar 126100 society that bred him,repparttar 126101 flux of norms, conventions, paradigms and doctrines which formedrepparttar 126102 society which chose him. A standard too remote, too alien, too detached – will not do. People will ignore it and revert to other behavioural benchmarks and normative yardsticks. The President should, therefore, be allowed to be “normal”, he should be forgiven. After all forgiveness is as prominent a value as being truthful.

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