Family Matters: Easing the Transition to a Home Business

Written by Angela Wu

Ask any would-be entrepeneur why he or she wants to start a home based business and you'll get a wide variety of replies. Regardless ofrepparttar reason, there's one thing for certain: starting a home business doesn't just affect you,repparttar 117382 entrepreneur; it also affects your family.

The change in lifestyle that comes with a home business requires adaptation fromrepparttar 117383 entrepreneur as well as his or her spouse and children. So before you jump intorepparttar 117384 world of home business, have a frank discussion with your family about issues such as:

__How Will You Separate Business and Family?

Home businesses are particularly difficult to manage because they're just steps away from family life. You need to be able to concentrate fully on your business, yet when you spend time withrepparttar 117385 family you shouldn't be distracted by business matters -- or worse, tempted to go do 'just a little work.' Some things you can do to help keep business and family separate include:

* Set 'office hours'. This isrepparttar 117386 time where you focus on your business without having to worry aboutrepparttar 117387 family.

* Take time out for yourself. No one can work allrepparttar 117388 time, and you'll burn out if you try. Set aside some 'personal time' to exercise, read, or do something else you love.

* Take a guilt-free day off withrepparttar 117389 family. Yes, an entire day away fromrepparttar 117390 business! You'll feel more refreshed and better able to concentrate onrepparttar 117391 business afterwards.

* Get organized and stay focused! The less time you have to spend searching for email, papers, etc.,repparttar 117392 more time you'll have to actually perform productive work. This will free up time so that you can do other things.

__Will Family Members Contribute torepparttar 117393 Business?

Come to a clear understanding about what your spouse will or will not do. For example, you may ask for help during unexpected busy periods but not on a regular basis. Or you might agree that it's okay for your spouse to send or read business mail, but that you arerepparttar 117394 only one who answersrepparttar 117395 phone.

It's best to set this straight fromrepparttar 117396 beginning. Don't assume that your spouse is willing to help out. Likewise, don't assume that you'll have complete independence because "it's YOUR business". Come to an agreement -- it will help to lessenrepparttar 117397 stress for everyone.

__How Will You Handlerepparttar 117398 Financing of Your Business?

Money is almost always a big issue with families. A home business, particularly inrepparttar 117399 startup phase, is going to require funding. Your family may have become accustomed to a certain level of 'comfort' when it comes to luxuries such as dining out, recreation, spending money, and so on. Will any of this need to change, and if so, what?

There are many ways to finance a home business, including:

* Use income earned from your 'day job'. Many people continue to work their regular jobs in order to fund their home businesses. It is only until their home businesses are producing a reasonable income that they haverepparttar 117400 option to quit their jobs.

* Finance your business with savings. If your savings were to be used for another purpose (for example, a family vacation or buying a home), how much of it are you willing to 'sacrifice' for your business, even if it's meant to be a 'temporary' loan?

* Help from family and friends. Considerrepparttar 117401 possible impact on your personal relationships. Borrowing money from loved ones can lead to significant stress... for example, what do you do if someone suddenly needs or wants their money back and you aren't inrepparttar 117402 position to provide it? What happens if your business fails and you are unable to pay back loans?

AUCTION TIP: A Basic eBay Listing Template

Written by Chuck Smith

The following article pertains to anyone who is looking to start an online auction business on eBay. Please feel free to use it for your ezine, web site, or any other electronic or print publication, withrepparttar following exception:

You may NOT use this article in any form of spam.

I only ask that you:

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Synopsis --------

A good auction listing must not only read well, but must look professional. Here’s a quick, easy template anyone to make their listing more professional

Word count according to Microsoft Word: 728 including title, byline, and contact info.




AUCTION TIP: A Basic eBay Listing Template

by Chuck Smith

Do you know what drives me nuts on eBay? When I view an item up for auction andrepparttar 117384 listing has no style whatsoever. There’s just a long scroll of text that gives onlyrepparttar 117385 briefest explanation of whatrepparttar 117386 product is and why I should buy it.

Writing a good auction listing is a topic for another article, but I can help those of you who want to spice up repparttar 117387 look of your auction listings with a simple template that will work inrepparttar 117388 eBay “Sell an Item” system.

First, I want to go over a couple of HTML “tags” so you know what allrepparttar 117389 funky little letters inrepparttar 117390 brackets (< >) are for. But don’t worry – I’m not going to try and teach you HTML. I just want to show you a little to keep you from messing up your listing.

First, an HTML TAG is just a quick way for you to let a Web browser know how you want your web page to look like when it is displayed in your Web browser. That’s it.

======================== HTML TAGS =========================

HEADING TAG: This tag designates thatrepparttar 117391 text is a heading and should be larger thanrepparttar 117392 page text. You can designate different sizes of headings (I use heading2 below -


FORMAT: Starts with

and ends with

PARAGRAPH TAG: This tag lets you format a block of text, complete with a break in between paragraphs. The break is always there, and you cannot start a new paragraph onrepparttar 117393 very next line.

FORMAT: Starts with

and ends with

LINE BREAK TAG: This tag is like a carriage return on your word processor or typewriter. This tag will allow you to start onrepparttar 117394 very next line. NOTE: You cannot use more than one Line Break Tag in a row – HTML ignores them.

FORMAT: Put a atrepparttar 117395 end ofrepparttar 117396 line

BULLETTED LIST: This will allow you to create a nice list of items with bullets in front. Great for showing off some features, since people tend to skim pages.

FORMAT: Startrepparttar 117397 list with

    and end with
Each list item gets a
  • in front of it

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