Familiarizing Yourself with Oral Chelation

Written by Mike Spencer

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Oral Chelation (pronounced “key lay shun”) is simplyrepparttar process by which metals, minerals and toxins are removed fromrepparttar 143486 body throughrepparttar 143487 use of certain agents (chelating agents) that bond with those elements – literally forming a circle around them – and flushing them out throughrepparttar 143488 body’s natural waste material. One ofrepparttar 143489 toxins whichrepparttar 143490 chelating agents identify for removal is arterial plaque. By removing this, you can avoid build-up of plaque withinrepparttar 143491 arteries and promote greater heart health.

EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid) is one ofrepparttar 143492 most effective chelating agents in use today. The synthetic amino acids which make up EDTA providerepparttar 143493 foundation on which protein is built and was first utilized inrepparttar 143494 U.S. in 1948. Designed as a treatment for those who were working in a battery factory as a treatment for lead poisoning – which was approved byrepparttar 143495 FDA –repparttar 143496 Navy soon followed in its use of this chelating agent for sailors who absorbed lead while applying paint to ships and other government property.

In 1952, oral chelation was being used by doctors for those patients who were suffering from hardening ofrepparttar 143497 arteries as a result of arterial plaque build-up. Those for whom oral chelation was prescribed exhibited a reduction in both ofrepparttar 143498 areas.

Had it not been for using EDTA to treat lead poisoning at that time, physicians wouldn’t have hadrepparttar 143499 opportunity to note this effect on their patients, andrepparttar 143500 impact that it had on these illnesses might never have been discovered.

While most people may think thatrepparttar 143501 exposure to lead contaminants has been all but eliminated today, it has actually increased overrepparttar 143502 years and continues to be an ever-present threat in items such as tap water, residues in processed foods, cosmetics, mouthwash, toothpaste, shampoo, soap and a wide variety of hair care products.

Buying A Treadmill? 3 Common Buying Myths

Written by Kathryn O'Neill

Buying a treadmill? A treadmill is a large investment to make in your health (but definitely a worthwhile one.) However with everyone and his dog getting intorepparttar treadmill manufacturing business, it pays for you to be educated when buying your unit.

Here are 3 common myths that many treadmill buyers fall prey to. Steer clear of these myths and you'll make a much better buying decision.

Myth #1) 'It has so many cool extra features, it's obviouslyrepparttar 143485 best buy.'

Not necessarily. While workout features like 30 workout programs, handweights and bonus workout CD's are great, they really don't tell you aboutrepparttar 143486 quality ofrepparttar 143487 treadmill itself. If you buy a lemon, you'll be using it for a clothes rack a year later - handweights or no handweights.

Some treadmill manufacturers (not all) offer you these extra features to try and hiderepparttar 143488 fact thatrepparttar 143489 essential factors of a quality treadmill aren’t there:

So what if it’s only a 1.5 HP motor – it comes with a free heart rate monitor! That 90 day only warranty doesn't matter – it gives you 30 workout programs!

FACT: Focus first onrepparttar 143490 core essentials of a quality treadmill (solid motor power, good cushioning, etc.) - then enjoyrepparttar 143491 goodies.

Myth #2) 'It has a 2.75 Peak Duty Motor - That's way better thanrepparttar 143492 other one with a 2.0 Continuous Duty Motor'

Some not-so-savory treadmill manufacturers will try to impress you withrepparttar 143493 peak duty motor power. Wow, you think, a 2.75 hp motor. However, what they fail to tell you that there are 2 measures of motor power: Peak Duty Horsepower AND Continuous Duty Horsepower.

Peak Duty Horsepower isrepparttar 143494 power potential ofrepparttar 143495 motor –repparttar 143496 highest power it can run at. Howeverrepparttar 143497 treadmill cannot sustain this power and it will soon start to overheat. So this measurement is essentially useless to you.

Continuous Duty Horsepower is a more accurate measure ofrepparttar 143498 motor power. This isrepparttar 143499 power at whichrepparttar 143500 treadmill can continually, steadily operate for 24 hours without slowing down. So this isrepparttar 143501 more accurate number to gage motor power.

Don't think this happens? One extremely popular treadmill is doing this right now and unfortunately people are buying it in droves because it seems like such a good buy. They don't realize thatrepparttar 143502 treadmill is really only a 1.5 Continuous duty HP motor - because it's advertised as a 2.75 peak duty HP motor.

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