Fall Baseball – A Great Time To Really Coach

Written by Coach John Peter

Fall Baseball – A Great Time To Really Coach!

A few random thoughts on making Fall Ball a bit better experience! *You may want to readrepparttar note atrepparttar 150877 end of this article

I believe that your ability to communicate will always make your life and your team a better experience. Nothing new so far, right?

Fall baseball isrepparttar 150878 time when teaching and learning, hopefully in a fun environment, may fightrepparttar 150879 demons of your competitive side. We like to say that it is fall ball so we are not going to win at all costs, BUT… it is hard not trotting out your stud pitchers at every opportunity… especially if you have history with some of your competition! The risk of looking like a weenie or your team getting crushed can be overwhelming!

Well coach, here’s a few thoughts to keep you onrepparttar 150880 straight and narrow and possibly allow you to retain some of your dignity (and your won-loss record).

1st – You Need To Have The Come To Jesus Meeting! You have dads inrepparttar 150881 stands (and players, dependant on age) who are just as competitive as you. Your goals for this fall season must be outlined in an initial meeting with parents and players (this is two separate meetings for some teams).

You must be abundantly clear regarding your thoughts on winning, which I always encourage, but that playing well and marked improvement from beginning to end of this season arerepparttar 150882 real barometers.

IF THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE TO ANY PARENT, they don’t get it and should be best advised to find another team.

2nd – You are The Man You, coach, arerepparttar 150883 guy who is giving your time and doing your best to help an entire team of other people’s kids to do their best. And trust me on this one, ifrepparttar 150884 kids aren’t having fun, you had better change your ways fast… or you are missingrepparttar 150885 reason you should be doing this inrepparttar 150886 first place! So, in general…keep it fun!

And to a player, what could be more fun than to finally have a coach who gave them a chance to earnrepparttar 150887 position they have dreamed about. Learn to pick your spots, be honest withrepparttar 150888 younger kids who you know may be in harms way, and be aware of when you can and can’t do this. If your heart is inrepparttar 150889 right place…you will know!

We talk about how kids simply don’t play games anymore…by themselves, without adults. Well, one ofrepparttar 150890 great things aboutrepparttar 150891 pick up games we used to play was that kids eventually got to play most or allrepparttar 150892 positions. Today, without fall ball…when and how are they going to learn these positions? We Play Baseball – We don’t work baseball!

3rd - More On Having Fun If it isn’t fun, why would any kid want to do this? They are kids! No matter whatrepparttar 150893 age and skill level, especially as they get older, they have a lot of choices. Keep ‘em inrepparttar 150894 game!

Face it… most ofrepparttar 150895 world doesn’t think baseball with autumn inrepparttar 150896 air. It’s football, back to school, etc. So, any kid who is on a baseball field in September is telling you…I REALLY LIKE (or love) THIS GAME! Don’t you chase them away!

No matter what their present skill level, those skills may change... and fast! I cannot tell you how many kids I have had inrepparttar 150897 Fall who grow and get stronger by Spring. What a shame it would be if I wasrepparttar 150898 one who discouraged a kid just as we was finally able to physically do what he couldn’t just a few short months ago!

Teaching Your Boy the Game of Baseball!

Written by Coach John Peter

Teaching Your Boyrepparttar Game

For those who “coach your son” (or those players who are coached by Dear Old Dad), lend me your ears. Here are some quick and easy thoughts to answerrepparttar 150876 common problems that surround coaching your own kid.

1st & Foremost Help him becomerepparttar 150877 best player that He wants to be. When it becomes more about You,repparttar 150878 coach,repparttar 150879 player’s Dad . . . rethink immediately because you just became ONE OF THEM! You knowrepparttar 150880 guy who's son plays shortstop and pitches, he bats 3rd . . . always . . . and probably shouldn’t . . . yes, there are worse things to be than a pushy baseball Dad . . . sorepparttar 150881 good news is . . . it's curable! But seriously . . . think about this . . .

2nd Considerrepparttar 150882 reality ofrepparttar 150883 above and understand that you probably would treat discipline and talk to your own boy differently than you will withrepparttar 150884 other 12 kids on your team. So when you need to discipline ANY of your team attempt to do this “evenly” and withrepparttar 150885 same methods. This may take practice as well as having a pre-season discussion with your boy, as he knows Dad and just may attempt to take advantage (I know . . . not my boy!). REVISIT #1 . . . lol. Along with this thought isrepparttar 150886 idea of playing time and position play. On all teams there are weak links and positions you just cannot find a player to fill. It’s a common problem especially atrepparttar 150887 younger level up to around age 13.

Here’s my own experience. I have coached my son through many levels, from Tee Ball on up. One year we didn’t have a catcher, so he played catcher a lot when not pitching. Atrepparttar 150888 next level, a player I counted on for a lot of pitching left a hole at short and yet another season, a hole at 2nd. My first reaction each year wasrepparttar 150889 same . . . teach my sonrepparttar 150890 essentials of these positions . . . as long as he understood that he would be helpingrepparttar 150891 team, and me as well. Confiding in him how I was proud of him to makerepparttar 150892 sacrifice didn’t hurt either.

3rd Is it easy? Not every day. Know this now! Why should it always have to be easy? Very few things that are important to two people are always easy. Know that you are each other’s favorite coach and favorite player. Nothing is more important than that!

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