Faith Like a Child

Written by Steven Baird

Have you ever just stopped and watched a child play? Have you ever told a Bible story and sat back in amazement at how much that child retains and is then able to cite back to you? What about asking a childrepparttar simple question, “Who made us?”

If your answer to any of these was no, then I encourage you to try it. Experiencerepparttar 148507 faith and trust of a child through their eyes. I have 3 boys, ages 7, 4, and 5 months and I daily ask them, “Who made you” or “Where didrepparttar 148508 trees come from?” My 4 year old, right away chimes in with, “God of course silly.” My 7 year old simply points torepparttar 148509 heavens.

They don’t question anything or doubt what they hear from their parents or fromrepparttar 148510 Bible. They accept it by faith and it’s this very faith that Jesus praises them for in Mark 10:13-15. In verse 15 he says, “I assure you, anyone who doesn't have their kind of faith will never get intorepparttar 148511 Kingdom of God."

Somehow as we get older we complicate what was designed to be so simple. We become a doubting Thomas. Even though Thomas had walked with Christ for 3 years and had seen hundreds if not thousands of miracles, he doubted. He doubtedrepparttar 148512 very words of Jesus and could not see how a man, who had healedrepparttar 148513 blind, fed thousands, turned water into wine, walked onrepparttar 148514 water, and even brought several people back fromrepparttar 148515 dead, as being able to return fromrepparttar 148516 dead himself.

All of a sudden we need to see proof of creation, we need to see proof thatrepparttar 148517 Bible tellsrepparttar 148518 truth about how oldrepparttar 148519 earth is, and all of a sudden we too ask to touchrepparttar 148520 nail pierced hands and feet. Why do we complicate it?

The Bible says that because of sin we have became twisted and everything on this earth is twisted. Our very thoughts and concepts have been twisted by sin. Man’s fallible ideas about where we came from andrepparttar 148521 origins ofrepparttar 148522 universe are designed to give man, not God,repparttar 148523 glory. We just happened, something took place to startrepparttar 148524 Big Bang, and we created ourselves, all of these are thoughts twisted because of sin.

Put all ofrepparttar 148525 parts and pieces of a cell phone into a zip-lock bag and start shaking it up. After a few minutes of shaking it up, pour everything out and see what you get. Did you get a complete cell-phone capable of making a phone call or just a large pile of debris? Now invite one of your kids over and tell them that if you continue this process long enough (millions of years) you will eventually get a complete working cell-phone. What do you think their response is going to be? Do you think they will believe you? Of course not and most people can see that this idea is flawed. A cell-phone is a complicated piece of equipment that requires someone to design and putrepparttar 148526 pieces together inrepparttar 148527 right order if it is to functionrepparttar 148528 way it is supposed to, just like life here one earth. Yet evolution would have you believe that given enough time, this machine would build itself inrepparttar 148529 right order and sequence.


Written by Greg Ryan

Even though our lives progressively moves forward on occasion it has a way of working what seems to be in a backwards motion, yet inrepparttar end achievesrepparttar 148420 same results. I remember years ago when I started my bodybuilding career, I had no self-confidence, poor self-esteem, and an introverted personality. I couldn’t fathom doing what others believed I could accomplish in such an unusual sport that went totally against my nature. However, at first I thought, ”I didn’t want to let them down and what if they’re right? What if I could accomplish something if I set my mind to it, I asked? What if by believing in something bigger than myself would allow me to be a better person, develop confidence and be more outgoing?” Then over a period of timerepparttar 148421 belief others had started to rub off in me, combined with my work ethicrepparttar 148422 rest became history.

I really don’t want to compare myself to a horse, but inrepparttar 148423 movie “Sea Biscuit”, a similar experience takes place. Four men from all together different backgrounds come together with a hope, a prayer and a horse of all things. They believed that with a little direction, Sea Biscuit would accomplish great things and surpass immeasurable odds. So inspired by a few (who happened to be going byrepparttar 148424 seat of their pants), Sea Biscuit began to believe he too could do great things. The thing is, this horse didn’t know nor did he care that these four men combined had only a hand full of horse sense (no pun intended). They believed in him and that was all that mattered. As Sea Biscuits confidence grew his influence upon those around him did also. Through Sea Biscuits determination and pure heart many who followed him began to believe in themselves inrepparttar 148425 midst of a depression and many hardships. In some crazy fashion this horse began to changerepparttar 148426 lives of thousands of people all because a few men came together having a sense of purpose, a little hope, a lot of prayers and a horse to get them there.

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