Faith Does Move Mountains

Written by Lisa van den Berg

It never ceases to amaze me.

There you are going about your normal day and you suddenly realize that you're very worried about something. It sort of creeps up on you when you feel repparttar muscles in your shoulders bunch up and you can't seem to get enough sleep, no matter how hard you try.

Do you knowrepparttar 123992 signs that tell you when you've had enough? No? Well, learning to recognize them will be a fundamental first step to helping you to come to grips with your life.

Some people can't sleep, some get incredibly tense shoulder and back muscles, some get irritable and snappy, some cry and go all weak. Regardless of whatrepparttar 123993 signs are, you need to get to know what does it for you.

When you learn to recognize thatrepparttar 123994 stress load you're putting on yourself is getting to be too much for your body to handle, stop and analyze your situation.

It is far better to sort out your problems, fears and anxieties than to let them keep on stressing you out. Any ofrepparttar 123995 above symptoms is your body's way of alerting you torepparttar 123996 fact that you need to take action to resolverepparttar 123997 situation, before there are serious repercussions. It is trying to tell you to slow down and sort out whatever is happening so that you can get rid of some ofrepparttar 123998 load and let it repair itself.

In her brilliant book 'Feelrepparttar 123999 Fear…And Do It Anyway!' Dr Susan Jeffers says that it is far easier to face what you fear than living withrepparttar 124000 burden of your fear. Oncerepparttar 124001 problem is faced and resolved, a huge weight is lifted from your shoulders and you allow yourself to seerepparttar 124002 brighter side of things. You sleep better, thus getting more rest and allowing your body and mind to heal. You can free up some thinking time to keep your mind focused onrepparttar 124003 goals you've set rather than worrying aboutrepparttar 124004 past orrepparttar 124005 future.

Making the Most of Your Gold Nuggets

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

There is a Growth Formula I have used in Coaching that has really made some huge shifts Inrepparttar lives of those who apply it. Very simply, it is: Insight + Action = Growth and Development After practicing a while, I learned that a minor Shift of this formula made a significant impact. Here isrepparttar 123991 change: Insight (Gold Nugget) + Passionate Action = Exponential Growth and Development. Action can either be Passionate Action (which is deliberate, purposeful, intentional based in moving towardsrepparttar 123992 possibilities) or it can be Frenetic Action (which is usually based in a fear or scarcity or lack: poverty consciousness. It is about running away from something or avoiding something).

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