Failure is never as painful as Regret.

Written by Greg Ryan

“I would rather regret some of my failures in life than to live my life failing to forget my regrets.” GR

In other words, failing at something and getting back up is much less painful than to look back and regret not doing something (or doing something) and not being able to go back and changerepparttar outcome. Each one of us has failed at something in life, some of us more than others. Some of our mishaps we have forgotten, others may still be eating away at us like a disease. I would think it’s much easier to recall our failures in life than to bring up some of our regrets we may have. Neither failure nor regret can we change from our past, but we can chose to heal our regrets.

Did Jesus experience failures? Jesus was made perfect inrepparttar 148419 sight of God, but he also was a person with human emotions and characteristics. I would guess at times he felt things may not be going his way and failure may have been his feeling of choice at that moment. Mayberepparttar 148420 only time he had a regret was when he went up to pray onrepparttar 148421 Mt. of Olivesrepparttar 148422 night before his crucifixion and cried out to God to takerepparttar 148423 world’s burden off his shoulders. But even then he knew in his heart God’s purpose for his life and it wasn’t supposed to be full of any regrets.

Do you have any regrets today that need healing? If you think about it you probably can find one or two. Can you do something about it? In one or more cases you probably can. Will you do anything about it? That’s up to you. Just think how freeing and uplifting that would feel if you had one less regret, not to mention what it might do forrepparttar 148424 other people involved. Maybe you need to forgive someone or maybe you need to ask someone to forgive you. The bible says, “Get along with each other, and forgive each other. If someone does you wrong, forgive that person asrepparttar 148425 Lord forgave you” Colossians 3:13.

Lance Armstrong had it right -Every Second Counts

Written by Greg Ryan

Yes, you have your priorities forrepparttar year and yes you are working on balancingrepparttar 148418 meaningful tasks versesrepparttar 148419 trivial, but what aboutrepparttar 148420 attitude that goes along with it? Atrepparttar 148421 beginning it’s easy to be motivated to spend time on areas that meanrepparttar 148422 most to us, yet what happens whenrepparttar 148423 flame gets smaller andrepparttar 148424 fire that once burned has slowly lost it’s glow? What happens when our attitude toward God has less dependence upon him and more on our attitude that we don’t need him as much right now? Then what are our options?

I happened to be eating lunch last week at a local deli when one of my past exercise clients came and sat down by me and proceeded to bore me with all her excuses for not taking care of her self. Maybe she caught me on a bad day, but my compassion cup was empty and I had a short fuse that day. I kindly interrupted her half way through her spiel and said to her inrepparttar 148425 most polite way possible, “Susan (not her real name) stop right there. Stop making excuses for your bad health. Talk to me about anything else if you like, but you and everyone else who continues to make up reasons for not doing something will never change until? Until you have absolutely no other options left in life. But, until you reach that point of no return don’t take up my time with your bad attitude and self-pity. Put actions to your empty words. I Samuel 3:19 says,” andrepparttar 148426 Lord was with Samuel as he grew up, and he let none of his words hitrepparttar 148427 ground.” In other words, every single word that falls from your lips has weight and meaning. You can make up excuses (or create options) or you can move forward either way you will get out of life what you say.

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