Failure Is Not Final

Written by Josh Hinds

Don't look at failure as final, it's simply a step inrepparttar process - Try to remind yourself that your failures are rarely final asrepparttar 123982 word failure implies. Rather they are lessons to gain insight into how to do things betterrepparttar 123983 next time around.

I would challenge you to find one occurrence in your own life where you have not actually gained something from a past mistake? It might take some heavy thought here, but as you ponderrepparttar 123984 situation I think you'll see what I mean. Even if it was as simple as learning what not to dorepparttar 123985 next time around, that's still valuable.

The Magic of the Night Sky

Written by Mike Moore

The Magic ofrepparttar Night Sky By Mike Moore

I loverepparttar 123981 night sky. There is something comforting, mysterious and hopeful about standing under a canopy of swirling stars. Each summer I go camping alone in Canada’’s beautiful northland to satisfy a hunger for solitude, wilderness andrepparttar 123982 night sky. Away from city lights there is nothing more awe inspiring than a star studded sky inrepparttar 123983 stillness ofrepparttar 123984 wilderness. I usually set up camp beside a lonely northern lake providing me with a long horizon and an uninterrupted view ofrepparttar 123985 heavens. As darkness approaches I begin to sense an overwhelming closeness torepparttar 123986 mysteries ofrepparttar 123987 universe and a strong connection torepparttar 123988 source of all that is. I become aware of an alternate rhythm to life - a rhythm which is so easily lost amidstrepparttar 123989 frenetic pace of contemporary existence. Embraced by darkness, with stars too numerous to count and comforted byrepparttar 123990 gentle lapping ofrepparttar 123991 waves I begin to realize how much I miss living in a city with its incessant, invasive brightness. It is as if I am rediscovering an enormous part of a lost spiritual heritage.

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