"Fahrenheit 911" Wins Round One

Written by Arthur Zulu

Every nation has its inventors. No; make it illustrious sons. (Because there are few illustrious daughters.) Look at this checklist: Alfred Nobel was an illustrious son. While his fellow Swedish natives were busy catching fishes inrepparttar North Seas, he was engaged in harnessingrepparttar 125981 destructive power ofrepparttar 125982 atom. The Japanese residents of Hiroshima and Nagasaki duringrepparttar 125983 Second World War knowrepparttar 125984 rest ofrepparttar 125985 story.

Italy too has her illustrious son. At a time whenrepparttar 125986 Catholic Church believed thatrepparttar 125987 earth (supposedly supported by an elephant or a giant turtle) didn't move, Galileo Galilei came with his telescope to rubbishrepparttar 125988 claim. He was condemned to die as a heretic when he dared say; "Essipur muove." Translation: "the earth moves." Germany has its illustrious son. Whenrepparttar 125989 pope was busy trying to preventrepparttar 125990 layman from readingrepparttar 125991 Bible, Johannes Guttenberg came on stage and inventedrepparttar 125992 movable printing press, which helped inrepparttar 125993 printing and distribution ofrepparttar 125994 holy book. Johannes, however, got away free, but not William Tyndale,repparttar 125995 Bible translator, who ended up withrepparttar 125996 Bible, tied on his chest in a literal lake of fire.

Then there was Michael Faraday,repparttar 125997 illustrious son of England who vanished darkness forever from civilized climes withrepparttar 125998 invention of electricity. But like many others before him, his invention killed him. They were great inventors allrepparttar 125999 same—illustrious sons of great lands.

Yet, there is a not so great nation, Prussia. Ever heard ofrepparttar 126000 name? So thatrepparttar 126001 country is not eternally remembered as a center stage forrepparttar 126002 Great War, enter Mr. Fahrenheit. So that you would know at what degree to heat your soup orrepparttar 126003 safe time ofrepparttar 126004 year to row your boat acrossrepparttar 126005 frigid waters ofrepparttar 126006 Arctic, he inventedrepparttar 126007 mercurial thermometer. Thank Heavens! We now know that at its core,repparttar 126008 sun is about 27,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Just in case you can't figure out what that means, try exploding 100 billion hydrogen bombs every second. Or detonate 100, 000 million megatons of TNT per second. Gotrepparttar 126009 point?

When Mr. Fahrenheit invented his thermometer, however, he didn't dream that somedayrepparttar 126010 tallest buildings in America would be engulfed in an inferno and that his innocent instrument would be on hand to measurerepparttar 126011 temperature. Not actually thatrepparttar 126012 firemen came torepparttar 126013 burning World Trade Center on 9/11 with literal thermometers. Butrepparttar 126014 conflagration has spawned a movie "Fahrenheit 911" which sweptrepparttar 126015 57th edition ofrepparttar 126016 ‘Festival de Cannes'—the world's biggest film festival—earningrepparttar 126017 winner Michael Moorerepparttar 126018 loudest standing ovation at Cannes inrepparttar 126019 last 25 years. In his acceptance speech,repparttar 126020 movie star said among other things: ". . . many people wantrepparttar 126021 truth and many want to put it inrepparttar 126022 closet. . . . " Well said Mr. Moore. But what is truth? That wasrepparttar 126023 same old question thrown to Jesus during his trial by a cynical Pontius Pilate. Pity; he didn't wait for an answer. Deduction: Truth is relative.

Moving America Backwards: Censoring Michael Moore

Written by Scott C. Smith

Ifrepparttar group Move America Forward has its way, come June 25th, you will not be able to see Michael Moore’s new film, Fahrenheit 9/11.

Why? Well,repparttar 125980 main reason seems to be…we do not like what Michael Moore has to say about America. And, being freedom-loving Americans, we want to pressure movie theater chains not to screenrepparttar 125981 film.

Another question that comes to mind is, whatrepparttar 125982 hell is Move America Forward? I know, I hadn’t heard of them, either, until recently. As I looked over their web site,repparttar 125983 first thought that popped into my mind was: right-wing fascist nut cases. But that’s not fair. I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist, so I’m not qualified to make judgments onrepparttar 125984 mental health of Move America Forward’s board of directors and staff.

Apparently, Move America Forward was created byrepparttar 125985 public relations firm Russo, Marsh and Rogers a month ago. The group’s web site says they are non-partisan, but a look throughrepparttar 125986 names ofrepparttar 125987 board of directors shows a group lacking anyone who is a Democrat or liberal. Amongrepparttar 125988 members ofrepparttar 125989 board are: Chairman Howard Kaloogian, Republican and former member ofrepparttar 125990 California assembly; Conservative radio talk-show host Melanie Morgan, vice-chairman; and Executive Director Siobhan Guiney, described as “a legislative advocate fighting forrepparttar 125991 people against liberal corruption.” That sounds non-partisan.

I’m guessing Move America Forward’s definition of non-partisan is something alongrepparttar 125992 lines of “all of us here are conservatives.”

Melanie Morgan appeared onrepparttar 125993 June 16 "Crossfire" to argue her group’s case against Michael Moore’s film. Which, byrepparttar 125994 way, she has not seen. There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned boycott based on not knowing anything aboutrepparttar 125995 source material.

Questioned by "Crossfire" co-host James Carville on not seeingrepparttar 125996 film, Morgan explained, “…I haven’t seenrepparttar 125997 film yet. Andrepparttar 125998 reason I haven't seen it yet is becauserepparttar 125999 majority of America has not seenrepparttar 126000 movie, andrepparttar 126001 reason whyrepparttar 126002 majority of America hasn't seenrepparttar 126003 movie is because it's only been screened for a handful of Hollywood liberals and elite media. But I have been able to discern fromrepparttar 126004 footage and fromrepparttar 126005 information that is available by transcript onrepparttar 126006 Internet whatrepparttar 126007 true intentions of Michael Moore are.”

In addition to being conservative, Morgan is also, apparently, psychic.

Move America Forward is employing an e-mail campaign to get people to contactrepparttar 126008 executives at movie chains and urge them not to showrepparttar 126009 movie. How come conservative groups are so quick to silence voices that speak out againstrepparttar 126010 government? Shouldn’trepparttar 126011 free market deciderepparttar 126012 success or failure of Moore’s film? Frankly, I do not need “non-partisan” conservatives deciding for me whether or not to seerepparttar 126013 film.

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