FahrenHYPE 9/11

Written by Rocky Ramsey

This documentary analyzes Fahrenheit 9/11 point by point. It's not just a dispute ofrepparttar facts in Fahrenheit 9/11, it has interviews with people who appeared in Fahrenheit 9/11 who either felt mislead by Michael Moore or didn't know that they would be in his movie at all.

FahrenHYPE 9/11 begins with Michael Moore declaring "There is no terrorist threat," which setsrepparttar 132327 tone forrepparttar 132328 movie.

Nearrepparttar 132329 end of FahrenHYPE 9/11 there is a discussion about Fahrenheit 9/11 as propaganda and how it compares to Nazi propaganda films. When Fahrenheit 9/11 was shown in Poland, Polish reviewers raised similar points. After seeingrepparttar 132330 unrealistic portrayal of Baghdad in Fahrenheit 9/11, it's no wonder that people feel this way.

If someone did a documentary about World War II and all they included about Nazi Germany prior to D-Day was images of happy partygoers in Berlin during Oktoberfest without any mention ofrepparttar 132331 concentration camps, I think it would strike most people as strange.

That's basically what Michael Moore did with happy images of people in Baghdad prior torepparttar 132332 US-led invasion of Iraq with no mention ofrepparttar 132333 thousands of Kurds Saddam killed with chemical weapons orrepparttar 132334 hundreds of thousands of people found in mass graves.

Me and My Councilor

Written by Ieuan Dolby

“Young man, sit down please. Yes you may put your feet up, just relax and tell me a little bit about yourself.”

I have no formal qualifications; I have a Master Degree in Clothing Design from some unremembered polytechnic down south. My mother and many others often told me that I have a way with people so I ended up being a councilor for troubled people rather than a clothier which I was trained to be. So much forrepparttar educational establishment! Good job and plenty of money for sitting in a chair and asking “what do you thinkrepparttar 132325 problem is”, whilst I send endless text messages to my friends.

I have until recently been mostly involved with those who have some sort of sexual identity problem, not because I have any special expertise inrepparttar 132326 matter (I am assured of my own position in life) but because I am never short of patients. So many people inrepparttar 132327 world suffer problems over who’ they are that by simply putting up a sign outside my doors that says “Sex Councilor” I have queues awaiting my attention day after day after day. But constantly askingrepparttar 132328 same question of “and do you prefer boys or girls” to crying teenagers has worn me down and led me to consider a serious change in my career path.

This change actually plonked itself unceremoniously on my doorstep one fine morning underrepparttar 132329 guise of a Sunday Newspaper. An article about Mobile Phone Disorder (MPD) sprung out at me and immediately got my brain free ofrepparttar 132330 typical morning fog that usually surrounds it. MPD is supposedlyrepparttar 132331 new addiction ofrepparttar 132332 21st century. Teenagers and adults alike are becoming addicted to using mobile phones andrepparttar 132333 art of sending text messages. In factrepparttar 132334 article suggested that many users are resorting to theft to finance their high telephone bills, that families cannot communicate unless they send text messages to each other and that many children are becoming serious recluses, unable to deal with life and who have totally shrunk inside of themselves.

I took that article aside. I got out my mobile phone and sent a few texts aroundrepparttar 132335 world to some unseen text friends and they all confirmed this latest addiction. I ‘text’d well intorepparttar 132336 night till I was too tired to move my thumb anymore and I just dropped off into a deep sleep atrepparttar 132337 kitchen table with my mobile phone continuing to beeprepparttar 132338 rest ofrepparttar 132339 night away.

The next morning after having dealt with a load of delayed messages on my phone, I visitedrepparttar 132340 local sign-maker and got him to change my plaque that had pride of place outside my front door. By lunchtime my new sign was ready and fitted and it read “Mobile Phone Disorders Treated Here”. My new career was well onrepparttar 132341 way. The rest ofrepparttar 132342 afternoon I spent behind locked doors, whilst I sent endless messages to my previous patients inrepparttar 132343 old sex category stating that I was no longer in business (unless they also suffered from MPD). At nine O’clockrepparttar 132344 next morning I was busy with my first customer – a fully fledged victim ofrepparttar 132345 latest addiction to afflict our planet.

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