Facing Reality

Written by Judi Singleton

What is reality? Being a inner person my reality changes with my thoughts. I change it at will. I realized this morning that I am hyper-critical of myself in what I call reality. I see myself as this middle aged woman 40 pounds overweight. My life lacks true meaning. These are just negative thoughts that jump up in my mind. But I am not a victim of these thoughts I can choose to change them. I can relax and be what I really am a prosperous child of Higher power. When I relax and let go and claim this thought I become what I think. With allrepparttar difficulties we face in life, it is especially important now that we begin conditioning ourselves to think positive. Not only for our own health and well-being, but for allrepparttar 135750 other lives we impact. A pessimist will always seerepparttar 135751 dark side of things and blame others, such as blamingrepparttar 135752 goverment, our president,repparttar 135753 neighbors,repparttar 135754 boss. The other side of that is seeing things likerepparttar 135755 Higher Power created them with awe andrepparttar 135756 eyes of a child. To think more like an optimist, you must first be grateful for everything in your life evenrepparttar 135757 depressed dark thoughts for they give you a clue how to change yourself and your thinking to seerepparttar 135758 world in a different way. When you get a compliment take it as an affirmation of your worth. Enjoy this pat onrepparttar 135759 back by your fellow man, give yourself some pats onrepparttar 135760 back too. In to order to make positive thinking yield results, some inner work is necessary. You need to develop a positive attitude towards life, and expect a successful outcome of whatever you do. See yourself each day being successful at what you are dreaming of even even if circumstances are torepparttar 135761 contrary. The mind does not knowrepparttar 135762 difference between imagination and what we call reality. So go to your quiet spot and meditate. Imagine yourself doing what you are dreaming of doing. A positive attitude and thoughts are contagious. You not only draw into your life people who are postive, but people want to be around you and help you because you help uplift them too. Try some ofrepparttar 135763 following suggestions:

When you catch yourself making a negative statement out loud or in your thinking, turn it around and use its opposite to reaffirm what you want. I can, I am able to, I am willing to do this.

Don't You Quit!

Written by A.Z. Alfred

“A man who has nothing to die for is not fit to live.”

—Martin Luther

You sat in that secret corner of your room. You feltrepparttar bubbles of excitement in your pumping machine (your heart) because an idea that will changerepparttar 135749 course of your life is replaying itself every three seconds between your ears. So full of life, you took a pen and a notebook, putting down your great idea in black and white. You set a target for yourself, a deadline and a date. You were so excited because of your dreams. And out you go with made plans and a determination to succeed.

After so many attempts, you seem to realize that things are not what you think they are. You realize that just like there are two sides to a coin, same with life. Simply because life has tossed challenges, which you call failures, your way, you chose to joinrepparttar 135750 crew that believes every set plan is nothing but some alphabets and figures written on blank pages. More to say, you acceptedrepparttar 135751 wrong notion that all doors leading to your success are shut, thatrepparttar 135752 world won’t see your dreams. And you decided to quit, abandoning your quest. You actually conceded torepparttar 135753 word “defeat.” You said to your despairing heart “ I am a failure.”

Of course you are right to have felt that way but before you tumble into a world of nightmares, before you cease to breathe life into your ideas, before you start seeing your-burnt-out-self depending onrepparttar 135754 monthly pay forrepparttar 135755 unemployed from Uncle Sam, lets go over a couple of ifs.

If Abraham Lincoln gave up so soon, he would not have been elected president of United States.

If Arnold Swazzenegger despaired after his first workout inrepparttar 135756 gym, he would not berepparttar 135757 master of body builders. And he would not have been anywhere close to beingrepparttar 135758 Governor of California State.

If Tim Berners Lee,repparttar 135759 man who developedrepparttar 135760 World Wide Web, ended his career so soon because of disappointments, you would not now be surfing onrepparttar 135761 Internet. You would not be reading this either. Probably, electronics messaging would still remain inrepparttar 135762 horizon ofrepparttar 135763 future.

If all great men, sincerepparttar 135764 dawn of time, had given up so soon, where do you think civilization would be, back inrepparttar 135765 thirties or forties? Do you think you would have some weird country music, R and B and rap music on your disc man while onrepparttar 135766 train or bus? No! Everything would be back torepparttar 135767 very beginning, millions of years beforerepparttar 135768 birth of Ishmael and Isaac. One thing I know for sure, we would all be living comfortably –or uncomfortably, a negative word I rarely say—in caves, sharing authority with Simba,repparttar 135769 Lion King. Our Mark and Spencer suits and fur coats would be replaced by some smelly animal skin dried inrepparttar 135770 sun. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? If you dare life that way, you can click your mouse and this page will vanish from your screen, never to be seen again. But if you don’t, then read on.

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